HTC one has overwhelmed the HTC users with by offering its amazing features and vibrant designs. This series of HTC Android Smartphones is splashed with a range of applications to choose from. The Taiwan based Company is now all set to introduce the HTC one M10 that is inserted with spectacular features to deliver powerful image for a mid-positioned Smartphone.

The HTC one M10 is equipped with a 20 megapixel rear shooter and a 5 megapixel of front-facing camera with the quality resolution of 720 pixels and more for high definition video records. The other consumer attracting features are powerful acoustics, creative design and over the top display. The HTC M10 is a giant make of one and has its own elements of class with a large size display screen and robust hardware & software. The most unique feature of this Android Smartphone is the design, the curved chin sculpt enables enhanced dexterity and also elevates the professional images of the handset. The storage capacity is credible at 64GB and 128GB that can last for longer period of time. The camera functions amazingly that starts in just a second with powerful pixels, high definition mode of recording capacities that captures images at one shot. The installedimage chip contributed the ability to shoot in various lighting scenarios and positions. The sound rhythm is powered with the dynamic Dolby audio; the acoustic base is remarkable in every possible app such as music, YouTube, games and videos.


The all new HTC one M10 is speculated to have a 4GB RAM and is coming with inbuilt 64GB as well as 128GB of disk storage capacity. The smooth installing features contribute the extra storage room.The hardware incorporated in HTC one M10 is pretty dynamic that it can be compared to the qualities of iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S6 edge.It will come with 20 megapixels rear camera and 5 megapixel front-facing cameras, excellent storage capacity of 64GB/128GB. With having a 4GB of RAM, it gives the users their perfect hands onbetter performance. This Android Smartphone operates on the latest innovations of processor that is Qualcomm Snapdragon 820.


It is anticipated that the all new HTC one M10 is tailored with the unique theme of unify-body design. The appeal appears pretty elegant and that can be compared with the Smartphones that are known to possess highly impressive designs. It is speculated by Android Pit that the HTC O2 or commonly popular as the all new HTC one M10 will have the close resemblance to the company’s last two flagship models. It is also rumoured that this new Smartphoneis to be thinner with its edges that are barely noticeable. Rumours reveal that it will equip with a metal casing bodyand with a density of 490dpi, it will soon be available in the market. Android Pit also reports that the HTC one M10 will have the Android Marshmallow as its OS and will be coming with the booming sound stereo speakers powered by Dolby Digital. 


  1. i want to know is HTC ONE M10 will have external micro SD or battery support.. or not.


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