If you’re doing your own business or planning to start one, you should know the basics of managing your employees effectively. There are many monitoring options such as physical monitoring by yourself or by hiring some employees for evaluation and using CCTV cameras for tracking your employees at office. But CCTV cameras will not be able to make you hear the conversations of employees or you will be able to track your sales employees remotely. Similarly, physical monitoring will also be a tough option to choose.
So What to Do Now?

Have you heard about mobile spying application? In case, you are not familiar with such apps, I will brief you about its features. It will not only allow you to locate your employees through tracking features but you can also now know whether they are working or just busy in gossiping with other employees during office hours.

Spy Apps – Tackling Business Risks

Before opting for a specific app, I would advise you to consider the features of different mobile spying application. I was also confused just like you but if you know the features, you will soon get your desired application. I found Xnspy to be a suitable option for me as its following monitoring features were exactly my required features to monitor my employees:
  1. Call tracking
  2. Call recording facility
  3. Message and Email tracking option
  4. Know all their activities on Skype, WhatsApp, Viber and BBM
  5. Access to the deleted files
  6. Access to the multimedia files/gallery items
  7. Listen to their live voices remotely (live surrounding feature)
  8. Can be used with iPhones, iPads, tablets, and Android phones
  9. Monitoring their web surfing to know whether they are using it for entertainment or for accomplishing official tasks
In addition to the above features, Xnspy also offers two location tracking features:
1.  Geo-Location 
It is quite possible that you are busy in meeting your clients outside your office or your employees are working outside the office while you are in the office.

2. Geo-Fencing 
You will be specifying your safe and danger zones for employees. In return, Xnspy will facilitate you with instant alerts if there is any movement detected in your defined zones.

Getting started: 
For all of you who are confused as to how you will start working with Xnspy, this is fairly simple. Simply visit the product’s website at www.xnspy.com and subscribe for an account with them. Upon subscription, a User ID and Password will be provided to you. Install the app in your target phone and use the log-in details to access your account as and when you wish to. You will get access to the numerous features mentioned above. Feel free and relax with everything finally getting into place.

This Mobile spying application will definitely be helpful to make you conscious of their activities remotely and for this purpose, Xnspy will be a cost-effective monitoring method for you as it pays off immediately!


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