If planning for a new phone has bothered you and sucked a lot of blood, then it’s time to do some research and get the facts clear and confident. When it comes to comparing among good new phones, it has to be based on some of the very vital points to ponder and hence coming to a conclusion. In this world of smart phones where there is a very heavy and tough competition among the top mobile companies, it comes to Samsung that has been in the league of being the best-selling mobile company since quite a long time.

When comparing between phablets, then the very recently launched Xiaomi Note pro 4G comes as a recent player and there is always a big name Samsung that fits to the bill. To the comparison, comes Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with the previous. Both the devices are phablets of the respective makers and can be compared on the various points.

Both the phablets have a lot of common features and that kind of takes the competition in favor of both the competitors. Like the display coming into play, both the Xiaomi and the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 have the same size of display of 5.7 inches.  Both th e phblets have a 64 bit octa core processor that enables them to work smoothly and fast.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and the Xiaomi have the same RAM of 4GB and do not have a card slot to expand the space. Both of the phablets have the same specifications when it comes to WiFi and Bluetooth features and a micro USB v2.0 port in them. The Xiaomi and the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 have the similarity in the batteries as well in having a 3000 mAh non removable lithium ion battery.
When it comes to comparing on the basis of the not so similar points, it actually comes to the conclusion. The camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is of 16 megapixels that makes it a camera to click some very nice shots in it. It has the features like high ISO, good shutter speed and image stabilization. When in the video recording mode, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 can record videos with 4K resolution and full HD mode, but when it comes to the Xiaomi Note Pro 4G, it has a rear camera of just 13 megapixels that is less than the note 5.

The talk time in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is almost of 21 hours that surpasses the one in the Xiaomi in far extent. When talking of the pixel density, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has a pixel density of 518 pixels per inch against a tough competition of 515 ppi in case of Xiaomi.
The phone depth when comes as a topic of discussion, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 gets all the points by having a phone density of 7.60mm against 6.95mm in the case of the Xiaomi. The front camera in the Xiaomi is of 4 megapixels which is again surpassed by the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with a front camera of 5 megapixels.

With all these major points being taken into account, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5  proves to be a better phablet and phone. It has a lot of hopes and expectations from the makers on it and thus is aspired to be a big hit.


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