In this tech freaky world, there is a need to know about the fast changing technological advancements. In our lives, when we actually live upon these technical gadgets all around, it is normal to see someone completely dependent on smart phones.Today, we start our days with them and remain glued with them almost till the close of the day. So the smart phones have actually become some important parts of our lives. In this era of smart phones the top names echo Samsung loud and clear and hence it is regarded as a top notch company in it. By the august 2016, Samsung will be heading with its all new flagship model the all new Galaxy 7 and will get all the lime lights towards it.


Samsung has always produced smart phones that have been for the people have been competent in the world because of their world class features that they provide. The features make them shine bright and hence there are some features in every succession of the Samsung smart phones. This time the all new Galaxy S7 has many new features that can raise the eye brows in many customers and then make them stunned.

Some features may not be new but they have improvised characters in them all together.  The all new Galaxy S7 has water resistant and can be unaffected when in water. This feature is not a very new feature in the world of smart phones but as evident Samsung its own edge to the newness. So the all new Galaxy S7 has the super amazing feature of being water resistant even when 15 meters under the water surface.

 Some of the other features that make it special and new are the additions of new features in it like
  •  Latest version of android lollipop
  • Upgradable to Android 5.0.2

The display of the Galaxy S7 is as large as 5.2inches that has made it the Next Big thing and to protect this display, the phone has an all new kind of glass namely the Turtle glass. Unlike the normal corning gorilla glass, this glass is tougher and more resistant to physical strain and thus is more protective. This does not just protect the phone but also makes it a strong one. The outer body of the Galaxy S7 is made of a very newly formed alloy of magnesium. This alloy is lighter in weight and thus makes it handy and convenient. Unlike other phones, the Galaxy S7 is made of a new metal and thus the point of newness adds on.

The all new Galaxy S7 has some additional camera features that make it more special like
  •      A rear camera of 30 megapixels
  •   A front camera of 10 megapixels
  •   Auto focus, adjustable ISO and shutter speed
  •      LED flash.

These features all together in the Galaxy S7 are to be launched in the phone by the august 2016 and hence the company has a lot of expectations on it to create new benchmarks.


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