Well, just so if you are wondering of what would be the final verdict about the gadget is going to be and cannot wait to get to the end of this article then allow me to ease your discomfort: Galaxy Note 6 IS NOT JUST A FANCY NAME. Now that the word is out there, it is fair to assume that you must want to know as for what makes this new addition to the already intimidating Galaxy series truly the device worth its name and hype.

Galaxy Note 6, as goes without saying, would see much more up gradations: both in terms of hardware and software as compared to its predecessors. For having earned quite a bit of popularity even before the tech giant announces the specifications of  Galaxy Note 6officially, Galaxy Note 6 is sure to entice its prospective customer base with some the very innovative, top of the line features. The 4k display in a spectacular size is sure to turn many heads as it comes with the new foldable technology. Having not many smartphones with such remarkable feature, Samsung Galaxy Note 6 would surely give its rivals a run for their money. Galaxy Note 6 is believed to have incorporated a gigarmous RAM of 6GB size and a state-of-the-art Exynoxocta core processor chip set. Most Samsung users would know that Samsung had decided to abandon its older Qualcomm processors in most of its high end devices earlier this year and now, the effort put into making of this exceptional “piece of art that wears sports cleats” kind of processor has finally paid off as the customers have taken heed and appreciated it at all levels. Taking a step further Samsung is also rumored to thrown in the best-in-the-block GPU, in addition to the chip set so as to make Galaxy Note 6 a truly powerful, all-pervasive device.

One of the heads off the spec sheets also suggests that the new Galaxy Note 6 would be implementing fast charging and better battery back-up technology that would\ make charging the device from a 0 to mindblowing 100 percent, a matter of few minutes. Most of Smartphone users, especially the elite ones, having spent a substantial amount of their lives in charging their phone and some more in cribbing about how the battery life of their phone takes the life force out of them, it is not very difficult to see as how delightfully this particular feature would be received by the users.

All in all,Galaxy Note 6 sounds and definitely looks like the end of woes for most of those who have a few extra bucks, in the form of a few month’s savings, to spare. As they say, every good thing comes with a hefty price tag, in case of Galaxy Note 6 this adage becomes of particular importance as it is speculated to cost somewhere around 1000 USD to 1200 USD. But then all the features Galaxy Note 6 comes packed with, it is indeed one of the best things you can spend your savings on


  1. i think note 6 is going to be best device ever..but it will release in late 2016 that is why i first buy s7 then Samsung galaxy note 6

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