There was a debate previous year that whether Xiaomi, a Chinese phone maker would be able to succeed in India's phone market where Samsung seems to rule indefinitely. However with its latest offerings, it seems to safe to say that Xioami has slowly started to woo people by offering amazing features without burning a hole in their pocket. It was no surprise when Xiaomi Mi4 sold off its pieces quickly when it got launched and still continues to do so. Yes, there were heating problems in this device initially but after Xiaomi launched an update, the problem has got ruled off. If you are wondering what makes this phone among the best selling phones of this year, here's why:
1) Incredible camera
- More and more people are now turning to use their phones itself for the purpose of capturing photographs. The trouble of carrying their cameras everywhere with them and then taking it out of their bags every now and then just doesn't seems so much worth it to them. It's why one of the main aspects which people check out in recently launched phones is the quality of the camera. And it's not just the mega pixels they are checking out. But also the other features which will elevate their photography experience. This is why Mi4 has won its users hearts! It features an 13 mega pixel high-speed rear camera and an 8 mega pixel front camera for you to take crisp and sharp selfies.

Not just its quick to launch but also quick to focus and shoot which means no missing on capturing the live action. It can auto-focus in just 0.3 seconds as it has an advanced closed-loop focus system which communicates the motor location quickly to the focusing system. Add to it the touch to track technology which lets you track a moving object or a person easily. The front camera is enriched with beauty face app which has 36 filters to make your selfies look extra gorgeous. You can play around with a lot more features here to make your photography session fun and learning. So if you find the phone when indulging in Flipkart coupons, do order it for yourself!
 2) Blazing fast performance
- This is a fast paced era where people have got more than what they can do on their plate. Multi-tasking is the one thing which is the super power of people these days. And the same thing goes for their phone. They are doing many things at one time via their phone and having to wait is one thing which irks them off. If waiting for your new phone is also what irks you off, buy it using speedy delivery option at Amazon and don't forget to use Snapdeal coupons via to get it at a discounted price and with the bonus of cashback too. Xiaomi Mi4 won't disappoint anyone again here!
The smartphone is powered by 2.5Ghz Quadcore Snapdragon 801 processor and has a 3GB RAM to take multi-tasking to a whole another level. Be it listening to songs while playing games or shopping while you take a call; do anything you want without experiencing any hassles. The new and improved image processor is capable of 45% faster image processing than the previous one. Plus the phone has 14% more computing speed which further builds up to the brilliant speed. It will be a rare occasion when you have to face any hanging issue while using this smartphone. The phone really does has what it takes to make anyone's heart aflutter. Holding this phone is like getting hold of luxury at an affordable price. 

These are just the top two reasons why is making Mi4 fly off its pieces fast from the rack! The other incredibly rich features it possesses is what make it a true stunner!


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