In this fast going generation period the cell phone has the presence of mostly in everyone life, nobody can fully boycotts the cell phone. Actually, now it use not only for communication but also has the high tech device ability for entertain, send data, and update the website. The time has gone and now facility provided by a cell phone has not the limit.

The uses of mobile accessories make it more fashionable and trendy the
mount-holder the Cell Phone Stand Holder for iPhone and iPad not only stand cell phone for huge impact in both video and photo quality. By using the tripd holder you can shoot your own video while the other person is not to hold device.
The Phones accessories also include the keypads, data cables, and the memory cards. Basically these accessories not only functional but also add a spicy look to phone, because of it is also the cell phone decorative accessories.

Nowadays the professionals and amateur filmmakers and photographers not only using the Universal Tripod Mount, but they also suggest it because of its facility to stand device with case or bumper.
Top three reason to buy decent universal tripod mount.
  1. Transform your existing tripod into a mount for your smartphone.
  2. Easy to install and provides a secure and stable support for your phone.
  3. Ensure to get a steady shot every time with existing tripod mount.
The ability of work with the mostly all smartphone and easy to mount and remove and should fit most tripods as well makes it popular, and the increasing of number of fans and satisfy user every day. It also plays a good adapter role to use with a selfie stick for you, if you are selfie lover. You must try samsung-accessories, if you have not tried it before.
Most Common tripod general specification
Compatibility: Universal
Material: Plastic
Color: Black
Feature: Telescopic size (5.5~8.5 cm / 2.1~3.5 inches) for universal suitability
Main Function: Transform your existing tripod into a mount for your smartphone
Product weight: 23 g
Package weight: 0.09 kg
Product size (L x W x H) : 8.2 x 5.1 x 3.0 cm/ 3.2 x 2.0 x 1.2 inches
The buying phone accessory no needs to become you expert, but the basic knowledge can help to choose right item(s), you can perform an online search before buy accessories for Samsung, Nokia, Sony, HTC or other phone.

However, in a party you can use selfie stick with tripod to take amazing pics for capture the memorable moments in your cell phone by just transform your existing tripod into a mount for your smartphone.

Although, the tripod mount was originally designed for fit to all tripods. The spring tension is good and when the phone is clipped in it's not going anywhere. However, few needs to add a plastic spacers so that it can fit on your device, and some have a longer screw but using of external support make it fine to fit on phone or iPods. 
The quality and modern tripod mount can hold phone in landscape and potreat in both directions


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