For any device today, software testing is essential. With some rigid software testing, one can determine if the product is good and can handle heavy usage. Also if there are any problems in the custom software development, testing helps to find them out so that the developers can fix these errors. So before embarking on the testing process for new software, let’s keep some essentials in mind so that the task is done the right way. 
Strategy- Before starting the tests one should have a strategy that one thinks is best for the product. After all, with testing one has to evaluate the effectiveness of a product. One cannot just conduct easy tests and get done with it. Systematic performance of the test, in the right order of steps will help one find the lurking problems of the software. Depending on the software, the errors one expects to find one has to make an effective testing strategy for the product. 
Environment- Testing in the right environment and using the right equipment is very essential to get accurate results. Most of the times you will need more than one computer to conduct the tests, unless you are running very basic or simple software. Make a list of things you need based on your strategy and create the correct environment for your tests. All components that you require should be as close as accessible as possible. 
Performance testing- This is a very major test for most applications. If an application demands a response time, then it is of utmost importance that you test it. One has to check for the performance of the application under various conditions and circumstances. These tests do not just qualify for a pass or a fail. These test set a benchmark or a standard for the application. 
Providing solutions- It is not just enough to declare a product a pass or a fail. One should learn the inner workings of the program and find out why the software has failed. Only once you find out the root cause of a problem can you suggest effective solutions to fix the problem. Having an in depth understanding of the problem is essential. 
Communication- It is essential to communicate with the developers to know the details about the product and their expectations. Clear communication and deep understanding is essential in any working environment. Face to face communication is always preferred. If there are any issues try and fix it immediately. Make sure all progress is documented. Also have a written proof or digital proof like email for and any important communication pertaining to the software changes. 
Hope you found these tips useful. Testing is a herculean task, so it is best to be prepared and avoid simple errors.


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