Technology has become the driving force behind many successful companies today. It is essential for creating strategic applications that surpass what the competition puts in front of consumers at any given moment. For businesses who want to have greater management control over their software platform, .NET software development may be the right choice. 

What it is…

.NET is a Microsoft platform used to develop managed software which runs primarily on Microsoft Windows. The ability to create managed software that sets .Net software development apart from any other software development environment. When using other platforms, files are compiled binary executable files. The difference in the .NET development system is that it produces a file that is not executable binary. Instead, the file produced contains metadata in addition to an intermediate language code, Microsoft Intermediate Language, MSIL, or IL. The high level language is component based that shows diversity by supporting both a common system and multiple languages within a common platform. 

The metadata is a variety of additional information on the code being used in the assembly. The assembly plays a role in deployment, identity and security. The contents of the assembly are what allow you to manage your software through execution. Some unique features that are associated with .NET are:
  • Language Interoperability allows it to use code even if written in other languages
  • Common Type System
  • .NET programs execute in a software environment instead of a hardware environment for management and security
  • The Base Class Library
  • Creates a platform for executing apps that are scalable, portable, and robust
  • Dynamic Language Runtime

Who Should Use It…

.NET technology works on mobile devices as well as desktop computers, making it a good choice for modern businesses that want to increase their customer reach. Additionally, .NET portable libraries let you share binaries between various platforms including Windows Store and Windows Phone apps for better communication between you and your employees, partners and customers. It is the ideal setup for businesses that take advantage of the growing dependence on mobile devices for sharing information and making sales. The Microsoft .NET platform is also used for a wide range of Microsoft programs. Although .NET may not be the best platform for every business, it is a good choice for many businesses of all types and sizes.

How to Get It…

There are numerous aspects to developing and installing .NET software that make hiring professional developers a must. 

Look for a company that specializes in .NET software development and which has a great deal of experience developing .NET software for all types and sizes of businesses. One of the first lessons many software developers learn is that no program or platform is right for everyone. Talk with the company about your options and how the specific software would affect the way you do business at every level. Companies that specialize in .NET software development can address the specific needs that you have to move your business forward and turn your ideas into a reality.



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