When we think about drones, one think that strikes suddenly is military drones! Drones are being used in military operations for a decade now. Today, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), most commonly called drones, have garnered much more importance in the industrial and commercial arena. The powerful, intelligent and accessible commercial drones have shaped a number of industries including construction, energy, utilities, mining, real estate, photography, waste management and industries that require aerial surveying. Let’s see how drones can be used for different applications in order to gather data for any area that needs to be looked at closely and often.
  • For construction site surveillance, hire drone aircraft!
Drone aircraft can take over any surveying projects to monitor construction site. The advanced technology of drones can be utilized to convert 2D maps or aerial images into 3D models from digital photogrammetry. 3D models help in determining the deviations between planned & actual construction works. The drones can analyze the conditions at construction site and monitor construction progress.

  • Precise mapping in science and research work
Drones are now viewed as critical part of many science and research projects. Helicopters and cars cause considerable damage to the surrounding environment when they land on the particular location. Drones because of their small size can land in sensitive areas and take images as required.

  • Send drones for archeological surveying and mining works
In the mining industry, drones can be used to create an elevation model with high resolution. With drone imagery, miners can easily identify hot spots, calculate mine volumes and find areas where rich minerals are located. Archeologists are also turning to drones for improving their survey works. Drones are the latest archeological tool that reduces both time and energy in archeological projects. Thermal imaging camera attached to a drone can detect any archaeological feature buried under the surface of the ground. This eliminates a lot of effort wasted in digging grounds for archeological excavations.

  • Aerial photography for waste management
Drones can be used to take aerial images in construction and demolition projects in order to reduce waste production. Aerial drones have already been proposed for use in solid waste facilities. Drones could potentially save a lot of time and money wasted in doing surveys of remote landfills, assessing outfalls, inspecting landfills in which hazardous materials are disposed and surveying facility’s fence lines.
Drones are equipped with a camera that can take photographs & record video and save them to a storage device. They are also suitable for use in resource management, monitor wildfires, town planning and disaster responses. There are a number of reliable and reputed companies that provide drones in UAE. Simplify your labor-intensive industrial works and minimise time by purchasing drones today for your construction site, waste facility or mines. Drones are the most useful cost-saving tool for any industry-related mapping, surveying and inspecting works.


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