So now you’ve decided to end your journey with Sky? Whatever the reason for cancelling your Sky subscription, Sky experts can solve your issue. Sky has provided three channels to its customers so that they don’t face any difficulties while cancelling their contract:

  • Call Sky expert: Get in touch with Sky team by calling Sky cancellation number 0870-174-1740. Keep your account information and PIN handy when you contact Sky. Once your account details are verified, you can discontinue the service after giving 31 days notice period to Sky.

  • Live Chat with Sky advisor: You can start a Live Chat online with Sky advisors. They are available from 8:00-20:00 hours, 7 days a week for UK customers.

  • Send E-mail to Sky: You can also send cancellation request to Sky via E-mail using your Sky iD. Please note that your subscription will not be cancelled unless a Sky expert contacts you back to verify your request over the phone or through Live Chat.

Whatever the channel you use to cancel your Sky subscription, it’s important that you don’t cancel your direct debit payment until the confirmation of cancellation by Sky advisor.


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