Search Engine Optimization is a term that is commonly known amongst the online businessmen, who wish to utilize the online platform of business or marketing their product to more potential audience and customers. However, there is so much to these techniques that you will not be able to understand which techniques will work well to increase the rank of your website and which techniques would simply ban your website from the search engine.

In the recent times, there have been hype in promoting two terms and they are the black hat SEO and the white hat SEO. Both these terms are associated with the techniques of SEO and that is why, before you choose the one suitable for your website optimization, you must know which one is good for you.

Black Hat versus White Hat:

The Black Hat SEO is a term that has been derived from the western movies to denote the “bad” o the unethical; whereas the White Hat is a term that relates to the ethical realestate SEO services. Both can potentially increase the page rank of your website on the search engine, but the Black Hat SEO has threats and difficulties associated with working with this technique; while the White Hat is the wise and ethical mode of SEO services.

Keyword – how it plays an important role?

In SEO techniques, keywords play a very important role. You will always have to make sure that the keywords that you incorporate within your website content are relevant with the website or the product that the website deals with. Irrelevant keyword that has nothing to do with the website or its services is an extremely bad idea to forcefully incorporate these into the website content.
Not only is the relevance of the keyword, but also the number of keywords also a very important factor that you must be aware of. Search engines always check for the keyword density of the website and hence, if you stuff or dump too many keywords in a single content, it will have negative impact on the search engine ranking. This is what the Black Hat SEO technique encourages, in order to gain maximum traffic or visitors.

Spam blogs, duplicate content and links:

Black Hat SEO technique encourages duplicate or mirror content and if you use software to generate content, it will deem your website as a negative and banned website. Sometimes, it is also important that you carefully include the back links into the website content. Hidden links is a very bad idea for ethically optimizing the website. SEO experts must avoid using the same coloured texts for the content as well as the links. The links should be clearly visible in contrast colour so that it is more obvious to the visitors and audience.

When you are looking for a proper way to ethically optimize your website, it is very important that you know how to avoid the bad SEO techniques and choose the good or the White Hat techniques. Trusting a good real estate SEO expert is the best way to have your website optimized properly.


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