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Unlock Orange UK iPhone and use on any Sim Card
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This is what you should do:
  • ·         Provide your IMEI code, Orange UK iPhone 6 5s 5c 5 4s 4 model, carrier name, your name and email.
  • ·         Pay for the service.
  • ·         Wait until we process your order and send you an email with further instructions.
  • ·         When you receive the email you should make sure that your computer has the last version of iTunes and that your Orange UK iPhone 6 is updated to the last iOS version.
  • ·         Now insert the SIM card that you would like to use in the future and connect your phone to iTunes via sync cable.
  • ·         In no more than a minute iTunes will recognize your Unlock Orange iPhone 6 and you will see a congratulation message displayed on your screen.

Official GSM Unlock Orange UK iPhone Service by IMEI Code
If not know on what network is locked your iPhone 6, then is need to use IMEI Checker to find on what carrier is locked. That’s it. From now on you can forget about roaming and you can use any GSM Orange UK network you want, anywhere in the world, without any limitations. Our service is available from 9AM to 6PM Monday-Friday.


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