Let me start by saying this that I am a Gamer. Not a professional one, nor a hardcore one too. Just a gamer who plays for entertainment. Also a thing worth mentioning is that I play on a PC and love to do it. Hate me if you want but never actually liked the consoles much, but unlike other console haters, I have some specific reasons as to why I have this soft side for PCs and consider them as to be the best gaming systems. Instead of going on and on praising about the PC, I will explain the things in points.

1. FPS
FPS, short for Frames Per Second is the unit of measuring the fluidity and performance of the game. What is depicts is the number of pictures displayed in a second. The more the merrier.
Now getting into this, the PC can pop up to 60 FPS which looks just too smooth and good for the eyes. The more the FPS, the better does the gaming feel. On the other hand, the consoles have and incredibly low FPS which is 30 at the best. You must say that you wont be able to feel any difference but you just couldn't be any more wrong because even a person without any screening can spot out the difference.

2. High Res-textures
Consoles have a decent hardware but not that decent enough to get the most out of a game. So the textures included in the games are good but not the best. This is done to avoid any lag in the game. PC on the other hand gets a nice set of different textures and he/she can set it to their preference. These include High res-textures. Which can be easily spotted if the games are compared.
Xbox has a anomaly of playing games at a 900p resolution. PC plays at 1080p. Here too it can be easily spotted out by normal people.

3. Costly (Looking into future)
Ok, maybe a console might be cheap considering the Gaming PC prices but if you take a look at the PC then you would understand that it is an investment which not only lets you play games but lets you do other things too. Moreover the prices for PC games are relatively less than that of the console games. So in fact you are saving up on that. Buying games from Steam is a plus one since the sale has games with really low prices.

The only pro's console gaming has is that there are some games which are only released for PlayStation and Xbox as the budget of the development is not very high. But you shouldn't worry about that, you can play those games if you want by just lending your friend's console for a week or so. No need to buy a console for that. On a side note, there are a lot of PC exclusives too.

Also people who say that console is for the premium experience. I would like to know what premium-ness are they referring too. Because to be honest, a


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