Will the Samsung Galaxy S5 include an eye scanner? Being in the centre of rumors from a long time, the upcoming smartphone from Samsung which will be called as Samsung Galaxy S5 is burdened with overwhelming expectations. With advent of technology in the field of smartphones, every company is trying to invent and discover better and improved features for their smartphones. Nowadays, there has been major advancement in technology going on for the security of these highly priced smartphones. After the launch of iPhone 5S with a TouchID fingerprint scanner function, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy may also feature a eye scanner which will be used to authenticate the user by scanning the retina of his/her eye. It might be the featu re that can make Galaxy S5 stand far ahead of its other counter products in market. However, no official confirmation by Samsung about the inclusion of this particular feature has been yet made. This rumor came into air after a report published by a Korean site, which speculated the addition of such a feature by Samsung on its upcoming Device. The other features that were told to be part of this device include a 64-bit EXYNOS chipset with 4 GB of RAM and an Octa-core processor. The galaxy S5 will come packed with an improved camera with up to 13 Mega-Pixels and an additional OIS (optical image stabilization) feature. The OIS feature that will be embedded in camera will help in giving pictures with higher clarity and sharpness as it will stabilize the moving parts during taking the image. There are also rumor that the camera of galaxy S5 may feature ISOCELL technology which will improve the image quality with sharper images. The display will also sport a major change with SUPER AMOLED technology and a diamond pixel arrangement for greater clarity and sharper display. In the new diamond pixel arrangement, all the red and blue pixels will be of a diamond shape and the green pixels will be interleaved with alternating blue and red pixels. It will be 5.25 inch QHD (Quad High Definition) AMOLED display which according to reports, Samsung has already started mass producing. While the there may be a renovated exteriors with a more square looking finish. There are reports, which points that Samsung may produce this smartphone with a full metal jacket having an Aluminium unibody like its top rival iPhone 5s. The upcoming device is rumored to be completely water proof and shock proof which makes it very convenient for its users. However, there have been no official confirmations about these features by Samsung till now and that is why it may still be early to accurately comment about such rumors that are continuously circling this release.


  1. Smartphone that was most expected to be launched has been available for sale soon in march and sorry but it is going to miss out on eye scanner


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