We are still waiting for the release of Samsung Galaxy S5, but the rumors for its sequel Galaxy S6 has already started coming. There are many predictions and rumors that have been circling around the much awaited and top tech smartphone from Samsung. This article is based on the Speaker features and configurations of upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6. Though, there is no official confirmation about the features of Samsung Galaxy S6, but we will predict the features based on the rumors and reports which have been circling around. According to reports, Samsung Galaxy S5 will be released in early 2014, it sequel Galaxy S6 about whom we will be discussing today will most probably be launched in early 2015. The galaxy S series has continuously strengthened the position of Samsung in the market, and same can be expected from upcoming S series. The main reason behind the success of this series is its powerful and high tech features. Now in upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 the major changes are being done in the speakers of the Smartphone, making them more powerful and improving the clarity of the sound. There have been rumors on different web pages that the upcoming Galaxy S6 will be embedded with Stereo Speakers. The usage of these speakers will help in improving the sound quality and bass boost of the smartphone. But according to us, it may not be a practical idea as it will increase the overall cost of the phone. With the addition of these stereo speakers, the cost of the smartphone may increase by $50, this might decrease the overall sales of this smartphone as it might not be an effective marketing idea. According to us, the better idea will be to incorporate better headphones with good quality drivers. This will enhance and improve the overall sound experience of the smartphone. And according to survey, it was understood that nowadays users want better sound drivers and headphones instead of better speakers. Only headphones are used most of the times while external speakers are not used in that frequency. Thus, Samsung may not incorporate this change and it might only be a false rumor. Nevertheless, Korean company Samsung will try to make the Galaxy S6 as inexpensive as possible for the users and the addition of these stereo speakers will do the opposite of what Samsung is trying to pursue. Thus, there is a very rare chance of this rumor to be true.


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