In today’s digital world, everything is being converted to a digital format like images, music, videos and documents. The conversion and the use of documents to a digital format have helped in saving paper by a huge amount, thus contributing towards a greener environment. However, there are a number of digital formats available to save documents on a storage device, where every format requires different software to view or modify it. The most common document formats include PDF files and Word documents, where Word files can be edited and modified more easily as compared to a PDF file and PDF files offer more flexibility and security of data. So, if you don’t know how to modify or edit your PDF file, you can convert it into a Word document and then modify it to save as either in the PDF or the Word format. The iSkysoft PDF to Word Converter is an efficient tool that offers this conversion service in a professional manner.

About the Tool

PDF to Word Converter from iSkysoft is a simple and affordable tool that is small in size and helps you convert your PDF files to Word documents easily and quickly. With its range of features offering a professional user experience, this tool has gained a huge popularity and has become one among the most popular conversion software available.

Convert PDF to Word

With this tool, you can convert PDF files to relative word documents by simply selecting the source document and clicking a button to start the conversion. This tool provides a conversion rate of around 100 pages of a PDF file in a minute, where this high-speed of conversion makes no compromise with the quality of output document files. The conversion process focuses on the retention of the original layout and the format of the input file to the maximum extent, providing a minimum of 90% efficiency.

Export PDF to Word

Along with conversion, you can also export your PDF files to a Word document, where all the versions, viz 2003/2007/2010 are supported by this tool. This tool also provides you a support for PDF files that are encrypted with the help of a password.

Batch & Partial Conversion

With this tool, you can process a complete batch of 200 PDF pages at once, where you can also select a partial range of pages from a PDF to convert them to your desired .doc or the .docx format.

OS Support

This tool provides a support for the Windows OS platform, where different versions like Windows XP/Vista/7 are supported, while support for Windows 8 devices is expected to be added soon.
Try before you buy
The full version of this tool is offered at the cost of $29.95. But, you can download and install a free trial version, available on their site to test its processing capabilities, which you can upgrade to the full version later on.
The iSkysoft PDF to Word Converter is a small-sized, easy to use tool that helps you in converting your encrypted and non-encrypted PDF files to supported Word formats easily and efficiently.


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