I recently was asked by one of my friends that how can he use another SIM card on his phone other than the one he is using. He wanted to have a different SIM card whilst he was traveling so as to reduce the extra roaming charges. I told him about unlocking the iPhone. He was first puzzled what it was and asked for a clean and clear explanation. And I did. He was amazed by this particular process and had it done instantly and is now enjoying using different SIMS all across without any problems.

Are you too like my friend who does not know what unlockign an iPhone means. Do not be afraid as I have written a small description on the basics as well as the over all features of Unlocking an iPhone.

What does Unlocking an iPhone mean exactly ?

The iPhone is actually SIM locked, it means that the phone can only be used on AT&T and Verizon's networks in the United States.
A software unlock is the procedure after which the Apple iPhone is modified or rather adjusted in a way that the baseband will now be able to accept the SIM card of any GSM carrier without fail. This feature is entirely different than a what we call a jailbreak of one's iPhone which in fact does not unlock it. However a jailbreak is always needed for all currently public, unofficial software unlocks.

Is it harmful to do so ?

No, not at all.

Unlocking Sweden Telenor

So you happen to an user of Sweden Telenor ? Well let me tell you that the service can be a little non-responsive at times. Moreover the overall support provided by this carrier is not what we can call grand or perfect. So what you can do is, simply get a new SIM card and use it in your phone.
Here is a detailed procedure to Unlock Telenor Sweden iPhone 5 -

Open this page - UnlockBoom

Enter the Requested Details on iPhone Unlock – Sweden Telenor in the 'Network Unlock Form' now simply Select your iPhone Model and then Put your IMEI Number which you can find easily by following some other video tutorials or a simple text tutorial.

Step 3 : Once you are ready to place an Order “iPhone Unlock – Sweden Telenor“. Now select the option Add to Cart and then Proceed to Checkout and add your Payment details. The site here accepts PayPal as payment method along with Credit Card and Debit Card via DalPay so this means your payment is processed safely and without any problem.

Step 4 : Right after successfully completing the Step 3. ( Which is the one having the Checkout and Payment ), you wil need to wait the estimated time ( which is usually 1 to 5 Business Days ) on which the site promises to unlock iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5 which is right at the moment locked to the Country : Sweden and the Network : Telenor. As the promised time we will send you an email to tell you when unlock the whole procedure is done.

Now the last step would be -
  • Make sure that you got the site's “Unlock is Done” email
  • Insert a new SIM card which wasn't allowed before.
  • Now Connect your Phone to iTunes and do the required start up process.
 You are done now.
Enjoy your new unlocked phone.


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