Do you study in a college where you don’t have access to Facebook or YouTube? Does your dean block access to Twitter or Vimeo? Let’s cut it short, are any sites blocked in your institution? These days it’s very common for colleges to block access to Facebook & other social networking sites simply because if these sites are given access children oops students would spend most of their time chatting on Facebook or watching the latest movie trailers! Even our college has blocked access to YouTube& Facebook. But unfortunately they couldn’t block access to Google! So I went ahead and tried looking for ways to access those sites. One common answer I got was to use a proxy!
But there was a problem! There are millions of proxy sites out there. Some charge you fees so definitely they provide exceptional service while some others allow you free use, but many of them are loaded most of the times! But after trying hard and using proxy sites even when not required just to see if the sites are working or not I’ve stumbled across the following sites. Except in some rare cases these sites run fast, fast enough to stream YouTube videos. Here we go..


This is one of the best proxies I’ve tried so far. It is fast, it offers you SSL security, it allows you to obfuscate URLs and more. It even allows you to choose the location of the proxy server so that you can browse the sites you wish to browse faster. It allots you an IP address randomly. If you wish to disable flash or javascript to prevent viruses from entering your computer you can do it as well. All this for free! If you require more features like faster access, more choices of server lcoations you can buy a premium plan which starts at $10 per month!


This is another proxy site I use at times. It does fail to work sometimes, but rest it is good. It has a database of over forty thousand proxies out of which around 3500 are active. You can choose one yourself based on several factors like the sever location, security it offers and more or let choose one itself. Sometimes the proxies it links to are over-crowded so you might not be able to browse at a quick pace, but you can simply go back, choose a new proxy and browse faster!


It’s another freely available proxy service. It offers more proxy servers than HideMyAssfrom a variety of locations which include several places in United States and other parts of the world like Germany, Netherlands, UK and more. It gives you option to allow or disallow cookies, remove page titles, remove scripts or objects, use or not use an agent or referrer and more. And yes, all this for free! They have separate proxies for YouTube browsing, Facebook browsing and browsing sites not meant for kids. All the servers it lists are fast and the interface of ProxFree is simple as well!
I really hope that you like this list of the best three proxy sites. If you did, please share this piece with your friends and if you didn’t, please tell me ways to improve this article. Yes, we take suggestions seriously! BTW, my friend launched a new blog recently. You can check it out here. I find the name quite appealing!


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  3. A number of sites seems to be able to block almost any proxy, wholly or partly, images. I found a big improvement by using double proxies – that is, use a proxy to get to another proxy and then type in your chose website. Of course it’s a little slower but there you are.

    Ashley Jones


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