Managing a company is a very complicated and troublesome job. Therefore we must make sure that all the things needed are well controlled. I have this one friend from the field of business and I can see him always saying this one same thing which is, 'Business would be a wreck if there would be no Managing'.
So while I was meddling around I found this software which practically is a wonderful and decent application when it comes to having a well planned and developed project tracking software. This particular app can be utilized for controlling things like -

  • Customer Requests
  • IT Requests
  • Approvals
  • Issues and Incidents
  • Software Bugs
  • New product Requirements
  • Hiring and Vacations
  • Invoices and POs
  • Regulatory Requirements

Why this software? -

This is a very compact and feature-full application. Also it having one of the best things I have seen in a software like this was a web based project management which I think is stupendous as the managing can then be done by a completely new machine without any problem. It can also be categorized into project management tools. This software also has a utility and resourceful User Interface to which I am sure you would be pleased to use with ease. The controls are perfect and you would fin them pretty much un-reluctant and responsive all the time.

Personal Verdict and Rating - 
I would recommend this software application to each and every small business owners who want to go for a cheaper yet easy way to satisfy their project management needs.  

I rate 4/5 stars to this application. 


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