Are you thinking to buy a new tablet this festival? That’s a great idea. You may get a good discount and offers this festival time than you buy it on normal days. It is confusing for everyone to choose the best tablet according to your budget and best features. To pick out between Windows, iOS and Android is most grinding conclusion. If you are contemplating for the budget than Android is the best option, Apple or windows will not be in your budget. Additionally, Android also provides a high range to choose from which brand and different prices. To all the people who are buying Android table, there are some key points you should look after before buying a new tab. If you are looking forward to buy an Android tablet, below are some points to look after before buying the correct one.

1.    Screen size

The screen size is probably the most important thing to focus on while buying an Android tablet. The most popular screen sizes in the tablets ranges from 7 inch to 10 inch and you can personally make a choice among the screen that is personally suitable for you.
If you are good at typing on a larger screen or want to use a tablet for watching videos and movies then you can opt for a 10 inch tablet or else 7 inch tablet is suitable for use in reading purpose or carrying it in a briefcase every day.

2.    Storage

Tablet storage memory ranges from 8GB to 32GB. Depending on the use of your android tablet, plan to decide the storage capacity for your tablet. If you are buying a tablet for the entertainment use like watching movies, listening to music and playing games, then go for the tablet with larger storage memory. However many android tablets come with a low memory and they give the option of extending the memory using external memory card. So that is even a good option to choose tablet with less storage memory. Despite of all if you have a memory storage problem than rooting your android device once is the best idea. Read the Android rooting guide before rooting your device, it may happen that you lose your data if you make mistakes.

3.    Connectivity

Each of the tablets comes with Wi-Fi connectivity varying ranges and signal strength that you can use it from your home or office. However some tablets come with SIM card slot, so that you can activate the data plan of 3G and 4G network in I, if you want to use internet connectivity all the time, even when you are out for your work. So it is a good idea of buying a tablet that comes with a SIM card slot too, but the data plans of 3G and 4G will be costlier too.

4.    Camera

All the tablets come with Camera functionality, but it is necessary to see the camera quality of the tablet. A good camera comes from 8MP and above. Also there are tablets that give 2 way cameras that are used for video conferencing purpose. Also you must look after the lens quality of the camera. Note here that front facing camera quality will not be as good as the back facing camera. Regardless of everything, it is a good idea of choosing 8MP and higher rare camera to record all your good memories by capturing a picture or recording a movie.

5.    Warranty

Android tablets come with very light weight, so it must be used and handled very carefully so that there is no risk of breaking or damaging. Most of the manufacturers will give the guarantee and warranty period of 1 year and you can even extend it by paying some amount of money. To all the people who are buying a new android tablet, it is advisable for them to read all the term and conditions of the warranty so that in the case of any problem, you can handle it well and use it effectively.

Above are the main key points to look after while buying a tablet, beyond these points you can also go for the brand, colour, weight and other things you can choose from. Go and get the best suitable tablet for you.


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