We all know that our smartphones are invaluable; we take them everywhere and are now fast enough to use as a reference or tool at a moment’s notice. However, the choice can seem overwhelming at times. Here are our top five so that you can decide which features are most important to you and can make an informed decision:

Samsung Galaxy S4 – Widely considered a top choice because of its ease in multi-tasking, its fantastic camera and high tech gesture controls. A spokesperson said:” Samsung have come out with quite a few innovative phones recently and have done a terrific job of controlling the smartphone market. In fact Apple was forced to release something more economical as a much larger percentage of the Chinese population owned a more economical android smart phone”

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HTC One – A great choice for those who like to have a phone that looks great and can perform too. The aluminium version of this phone is sleek and considered the most attractive smartphone yet. It also boasts an amazing camera which produces quality shots, even in lower light settings, and has high quality speakers too. Perfect if you like to be the life of the party!

Apple 5s – Apple always deliver on the looks front, but tend to be pricier. This time it’s combining looks and substance with a first-of-its-kind A7 processor and iOS 7, which you’ve probably already heard about. It includes a fingerprint scanner which offers great peace of mind if you buy online and store your information on your phone.

Nokia Lumia 920 – This is the phone you’ll have seen and admired the photos from. The quality is astounding from a phone. It’s the type of image you expect form a DSLR, not something you carry in your back pocket. It is also Windows powered which can be a big plus if you use Windows at work or home, making everything seamless and easy to control.
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – This phone gets rave reviews nearly everywhere you look. It’s attractive and is backed up with software that can deliver fast, multi-task and be responsive. After years of smartphones loosing battery powers within a few hours it’s refreshing to have one that can be going strong after even 11 hours.

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