After the Google's new algorithm update 'The Humming bird' a lot of site owners, digital marketers and pay for performance SEO experts throughout the globe have been rattled and trying to find new ways to around the constraints. According to Google now Hummingbird will pay more emphasis on naturally good content which means quality content will keep you on top of semantics in search engine result page. Now the constraint is Google has made it impossible for marketers to see & analyze which keywords or terms are being used to locate their websites, to enhance the privacy and search results for their customers because of which marketers have “Not Provided” data in store for them to analyze. However Keyword Research and Analysis still remains as one of the most key element for building & implementing successful online marketing strategy. So as a digital marketer have you ever wondered in tough situations like this how can we perform a successful research to find new keywords. Well, fortunately with help of little of this & little of that we can use numerous online resources and tools to generate innovative keywords. 1.Bing & yahoo Keywords - More limited in details than Google but we can always get pretty good information from Bing & Yahoo about what other are using to find your site. Well something is always better than nothing ! 2.Google's Suggestions Tool – Whenever you type into the search bar you can use various suggestion tools such as ubersuggest to provide you suggestions on terms & organize the suggestion results. 3. Google's Related Search – Google has a very remarkable feature called Related Search which provides you a list of variations for what you have searched for in-short Related Search gives you an insight about what other related queries people have used to located and find similar topic. 4.Search Bar on Site – You can also add a search bar to your blog which will enable viewers of your blog to search for specific terms for more content which will provide you an insight about what terms your viewers have searched for. 5.Thesaurus – A thesaurus is a very handy tool which can provide you with relevant terms and their variations. 6.Google Trends - If as a marketer you are looking for very specific keyword terms than you can always give a try to Google Trends, which can provide you with “Hot Searches” of the day and Top Searches for common categories and related searches. 7.Persona Research – An in-depth analysis of your customers is very fruitful. Identifying your target audience you can provide preemptively, exactly what they are looking for. You have to ask yourself what your audience need? Where do they get the information from?What can they get from you that aligns with their need? As a digital marketer your campaign gets success when you evolve with ideas. Time is precious as your audience expect to see what they are looking for in matter of seconds and to give what they are looking for you need to understand your audience.


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