Social media has taken over the business role of nearly the entire corporate market and its influence is still mounting. Users are spending even more time on their social networks; commenting, blogging and virtually hanging out with their friends have become the common activities of a huge number of people. First dominated by Orkut and Hi5, and then by Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, social media has always been active in attaining users’ attention and concern. It is very apparent today that companies are striving harder than before to generate revenue through their social media marketing, but the wide spectrum of the social media makes the process of tracking potential users even more difficult. Here are some of the social media marketing tools that will assist in company in being aware of the common activities and presence of their potential customers and in estimating the conversion through the social media channel.

1.    Sprout Social
As mentioned earlier that users of social media networks are growing in numbers and each company is trying to expand its target market by tracing the new potential customers. Sprout Social is a handy tool in notifying the company about activities of unknown users which are similar to the activities of the potential or targeted users of the company. The unknown users are the ones whom demographics, likes/dislikes and desire to purchase the company’s product are unknown. If a user is visiting shoes and apparel websites from the social media channel, and the company using this tool also belongs to the same industry then this tool will help the company to target the user by sending email notifications and other online message which does not require any legal permits.

2.    Wildfire
Wildfire is an ideal social media marketing tool for those enterprises which are operating in full flash at the social media forums. Companies with their advertisement promos, videos, content and other marketing tools at the social media forums, it is beneficial to link all the advertisement segments to increase the prominence of the company. The software generates link with videos that direct the user to other pages of the company on the social media channel. The same phenomenon can be applied with other advertisement modes. In this way, a circle of advertisement tools is formulated each connected with the other, and this enhances the social dominance of the business.

3.    Social Bro
Companies are always curious to know what their consumers talk about them with each other. However, the wide spread of the social media networks and blog forums makes it pretty intricate for the company to carry out this activity timely and effectively. The software of Social Bro carries this task for the company and identifies or highlights blogs and comments in which the brand or product name is used, for the entire chain of blogs or comments. The best use of the software is with Twitter network, where a single tweet is followed by a chain of tweets and it is complicated to get the connecting links from the dense chain of tweets.

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