Ever felt the need to make something of your own. Something by which you can gather anybody's attention and simply amaze them. The answer to this is creating a video. Yes, all by yourself. Don't get dissapointed as you might be under the impression that video editing and creation is difficult. Well you might want to reconsider that as it is not that complicated.

First of all a thanks to Free Video Editor Software
Website for downloading - http://www.videosoftdev.com/free-video-editor
This above software is one of the best programs to make a video without any or little knowledge in video editing. 

It has lot of features which makes it different that others. Here is a list of features which it has -

Visual FX and Animation - When making a video we make sure that it has one of the best animations and VFX in it. Well,this softwares provides a no. of options you can try. These are further split into different options like - color correction, transition effects, etc.

Support for various formats - One of the problems which occur during video editing is that some Video editing softwares don't actually support many formats. This problem wont occur in this program as it supports a lot of formats.
Moreover it can create videos for almost any Multimedia device like PSP, iPad, iPhone, Sony PlayStation, etc.

Desktop Capturing - If in case you wanted to record your desktop and then make a video out of it, then you can use the option given in this software for it. This can be very helpful if you wanted to make a How-To video or record your gameplay.

Verdict - The software is very good for people who have no knowledge in video editing. And of course people who know how to edit videos will find this very easy and will help them work faster and better.

This software is developed by Flash-Integro LLC


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