Apple INC is one of those giants of the technological world who actually do not need anybody to advise them. They are the producers of the once upon a time greatly favoured mobile phone which is presently on its way down. It is not me who is the person making the statement. This has been stated by many gadget gurus considering the fact that the sales report of the latest iPhone 5S is not at all comparable to the previous ones. The market started on its dipping journey since the entry of iPhone 4 in the market. The first versions of iPhone are the ones which has had a lot of positive user reviews.
The first few version of iPhone were actually the ones to stand up in the market and create the name of the segment of Apple INC named as iPhone. The major issues that led to the success of the first versions were the uniqueness of the design and the operating system, i.e. iOS. The devices had their own speciality that attracted the customers towards themselves. Under Mr. Steve Jobs, iPhone had great user reviews as well. The applications developed for iOS was one of the most unique features of iPhone.

But since the production, Apple has seen a dip in the sales and the reviews of the iPhone. There are primarily a few reasons that have led to this wrong development. Firstly, there have been changes in the device numbers and the price but there was no great development in the operating systems.  Thus with no development of operating systems, the applications also became normal for the people.  Even the quality of camera is also one of the basic features that have disappointed the iPhone users. The lack of good quality display and a small size is of display, there have been many people who have thought that it would be better to buy something else with the money where one has a huge variety of attendance.

The latest iPhone 5S is the latest addition to the slightly disappointing group of iPhones created by Apple. Apple has had some real great ideas for iPhone 5S, but they could not just get up to that level. The touch sensor and the still smaller screen is enough to cause some resentment among the people. Where some people have acclaimed it as a good feature but at the same time some are strictly against it. The market analysis of iPhone is getting down the line and somebody has to pick it up with some real and interesting additions. Apple must learn from the previous mistakes and look to never repeat them.  So we hope iPhone6 will have bigger screen and many other cool and unique features.


  1. you have own problem with apple and now blaming for nothing, apple is always great


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