There are thousands of health apps which are especially available for androids. If you want to stay healthy and fit that make sure to have this fit kit in your devices. On the Google’s operating system you will find plenty of options. Here are a few apps explained

Adidas miCoach

You will feel like that you are having a horrible healthy angel sitting on your shoulders. With this app you will get plenty of features such as it offers voice coaching and track outs all your workouts using GPS. There are more than four hundred building plans and various other spots in this app. This app will also tell you when there is need of purchasing new shoes.

Office yoga

With this app, you can easily turn your workspace into workout space. There are nine easy yoga movements, which you can easily perform at your desk. Pictures, texts and audio guides let you easily go through your everyday ailments and you can perform all this at very low key so that you do not disturb your colleague’s coffees.

Fitness buddy

With the fitness buddy you will get three hundred exercises with detailed animations and description. This is the buddy that won't leave you alone and will make sure that you stay in the right shape. If you are more fitness more conscious than you can go for the paid version with that you will get fourteen hundred exercises, body metrics tracking, HD video and much more.

Zombies Run 2

This is a part role-play and part exercise that will help you in staying fit always with the threat if the imminent zombie attacks. The mission includes jogging and running to collect supplies and earn rewards and also to progress the plot all the motivational UN dead moans soundtracks.

Endomondo sports tracker

This is the fee version of the paid  app that will track measuring  duration, distance based support, speed and burn  and also lets you have  your progress,  get audio updates,  set targets  and even can hear encouraging things.

Couch-to 5K

There is a very little demand of this health app that is three days a week and thirty minutes. In just nine weeks with the help of this app, you will get ready for the first five kilometers. Cartoon coaches will ease you and encourage you and will also build active workouts for you.

Nike training club

With this app, you will have to just devote your fifteen to forty five minutes on workouts.  There are videos and animations and you get complete guidance on each workout. In the app there are videos and demos of Nike trainers. You will get Twitter and Facebook integration and also rewards for the unloadable rewards.

Fatsecret caloric counter

This is the one handy database of calorie carb and fat figures for chain restaurants and supermarkets. Type in what you are going to eat and it will tell you about your intake in a blink of an eye.
 These are some of the great apps, which you can download in your Android phones from the SEO India agency. This will keep you healthy and fit.


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