WordPress plugins have enabled thousands of people to develop their own website. Without them, I think a website would be incomplete. People when visit your website wants to be know your website and want to become a part of it.  Plugins would able them to be in contact with you all the time. These WordPress plugins invite traffic to your website. It completely depends upon the plugins you are providing them. If they figure out that your website has a good content then they would advice others too to visit your site. There are lots of WordPress plugins and choosing the best one is a hard task. Below, is a list of few of the best wordpress plugins that can be a huge advantage to run a successful site or business.

WordPress SEO by Yoast:
This WordPress plugin works best in SEO.  It improves your websites SEO in every aspect. It helps in writing a better content as well as in technical optimization. It enables you to choose a keyword and while writing the articles, it makes sure that you are using your particular keyword. It also shows that how your page or your post looks in search results, that your post is senseless or makes any sense. Additionally this plugin even helps to increase your ranks. In the end, it makes sure that your post would be eye catching or it is loved by the search engines.

Google XML sitemaps:
With the help of this plugin, Google, yahoo, Bing search engines can easily index our blog by producing a XML sitemap. By using this site map, all those people who are searching for our website can see a complete structure of our website.

Related posts:
This plugin has the tendency to attract a huge traffic to your site because you are providing them what they need plus the related things which they cannot easily get. For instance, you visit a website which offers you recipes of the dishes. By clicking on your required recipe you see few other recipes too which have been made by someone else but they have shared it with you.

This is one of the famous yet a very helpful plugin. First of all it shows you variety of pins and then you can also re-pin the things you find on blogs. In this, there appears a ‘’Pin –It button, by   clicking this button we can Pin any image we like.

Easy watermark:
This is another plugin with the help of this we can add watermarks in our images and this can protect our images from getting copied. This automatically adds watermarks to the image. Moreover, it addswatermark to all the images at your website.

Social stickers:
It is now an easy task for people to get to know about your social networking profiles. This plugin is very helpful in achieving this. We can simply include the buttons of twitter, face book, pinterest, YouTube on your footer or sidebar. This shows the social networking sites we use in the form of a sticker.

Bio author :- David Rice is a content writer working and writing content for codemywp a reputed PSD to WordPress Conversion service provider in the Industry.


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