I have seen many people whining over some or the other mishap happening to their devices. This becomes more interesting when I learn how they lost their valuable data like photos and video taken on vacation from their phone. Or a work file which was deleted just because the Laptop was corrupted by a virus. Now before saying anything further. I just say one thing to them, "It is your fault". I know that's one rude answer, but it is the truth.
There are a few ways to avoid this happening. But the best would be simply getting an online backup. Its not only easy but very helpful. Right now I can point you some of the best online backup services or cloud services which prove to be a very helpful source for people.

What are the features of these online backup services - 

Well for starters, it is quite synonymous to cloud computing. It has the basic features of saving files in to the cloud and accessing them whenever wanted. Along with these there are other things which most of them provide. I have made a list of those commonly given features which seem to be in the rest of them.

1. Smartphone Apps (Apps for Android and iPhone and sometimes for other phones too)
2. Data De duplication - Makes sure no Data is duplicated.
3. Best Storage and Accessing - Strong FTP servers with 99% uptime
4. Encrypted Storage - Data Hosting using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. Making it secured through encryption.
5. Dummy proof interface to avoid any mishap
6. External Hard Drive option

Now the question comes, if this is an amazing service, why are people not using them ? This is because of these reasons - 

1. Pricing of the plans
2. Bandwidth problem
3. Lack of faith in Technology

Other then this there are minor excuses given by the non-users, which I found pretty amusing. This is one of the best things to happen in technology which I strongly recommend to everyone. 
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