Today, life is incomplete without a phone. Almost 95% of the people in the world have phones which are a part of their daily life.

  Before, phones were just used for calling... But now, people use it for everything.. Meetings, Study notes, for clicking Photos etc.

  The generation of phones have been changing year by year.. From the thick old phones to the Touchscreen phones and now, the Smartphones.

  But today, we will be looking forward to a new generation of Phones. The "Blok Phones".

  Ever heard of "Phonebloks".. You  must have seen people sharing its videos on Facebook, Twitter and Myspace.. Well, it is a concept of "long lasting phones" since electronic devices are "NOT DESIGNED TO LAST" ... Buy a Samsung Galaxy S4 today, and people wont even look at it when Galaxy S5 releases.. same cases are with the Apple IPhone. The concept is about how the interior of the phone can be converted into blocks(cubes) which use electronic signals to do the work.

  New version of your driver has released, you can buy a block from the "Blok Store" and get the newest one.. Also, you can customize your own phone.. Say that you are going for a non stop car journey of 8 hours and you need a phone for a high battery, you can buy a block with a bigger battery and shorten the other ones.. Or lets say you are a Photographer, then you can upgrade your camera and select the brands you like for it. Or even if you just want a simple phone, then you can make it simple and get a bigger speaker.

  However there are haters and critics everywhere and most of them said that Phonebloks "won't" work.. Well, there assumption is wrong. In the video of Phonebloks it was mentioned that on the 29th of October, everyone will raise their voice and demand that they need a phone like this.. so that phone companies will get interested and fulfill the demands of the consumers.. The person who came up with this idea is Dave Harris. He made this idea popular through "Thunderclap". And was expecting a goal of 9 million people as his audience... But the result was shocking.. The audience exceeded 9 million..  and today it was known that one of the top mobile phone brands known as "Motorolla" had been working on this idea for almost a year.. and have now announced that this concept will come to launch.. know as Project "Ara" ...
 Also they will be working along with Phonebloks and will do a collaboration. About a week ago, Dave Hakkens tweeted that a big company in Silicon Valley is interested in phonebloks. 

  So I guess instead of waiting for and IPhone 6S, we must buy a "Phone worth keeping".

-Rohan Mahajan.


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