Years ago, no one ever imagined that Facebook would take the world by storm, with the exceptions of those who founded the now very popular social media site. While Facebook has been used by people around the world to connect with friends, acquaintances, relatives and families, there is an emerging group who has been seeking to use this social networking site to its full potential – businesses.

Facebook is said to boasts of a membership list that includes over 1 billion users around the world. This means that almost around 1 of 7 people in the world are hooked to Facebook. Whether a business has operations locally or globally, it cannot deny the fact the Facebook provides the much-needed exposure. Through Facebook, a business could market itself self, promoting itself and its products or service. Through Facebook, a business could gloss over an image and appeal to a target audience.

There is a need to find the right approaches to market one’s business in Facebook. After all, Facebook has a 31 per cent chance of affecting customers’ decision to purchase a certain product or service, according to Technorati Media’s 2013 Digital Influence Report. This could be the main reason why more and more companies and firms are flocking to Facebook to market their business.

So, how can you market your business on Facebook? There are practically two ways to market your business on Facebook – by paying nothing or by shelling out some advertising expenses.

If you do not have much advertising or marketing budget, Facebook can be a great place to market your business. You just have to make the most of your page. Typically, social media success, particularly in Facebook, is measured by the number of likes, shares and comments. Why? It is because the more likes, shares and comments a certain post, picture or video gets, it means that more people are getting acquainted and are knowing your business. Every share, like and comment that a Facebook user employ will spread through his network of friends, thus there is an exponential effect if your business, product or service gets the attention of your target customers.

To maximise the Facebook account of your business, you should consider what your target audience wants to see. For instance, you may want to share images, information and even videos that are related to your business that your target audience would want to see. It is pretty useless to post what you just ate in the morning if your business is selling smartphones. It would be advisable to you share video commercials of the products you are selling, for instance a new Samsung or Nokia model or a new release from Apple. You may also post pictures of your products or service or infographics on how customers could better care for their smartphones. A little bit of humour might do well, but comedy should not be the focus of your posts.

You could also conduct Facebook contests or promotions to raise awareness of your product or service. Typically, such online competitions require third-party app since they cannot be hosted through Facebook. This means that if you have some money to spare, hire someone or some people to create an app for your planned contest.

If you want a post – text, image or video -- to reach a certain number of Facebook users and be always seen by fans of your page, you can avail of the so-called Facebook Promoted Posts. You simply have to pay a certain amount to increase the reach of your posts. Facebook Promoted Posts increases the chances that your posted text, image or video can be seen on the news feed of your Facebook page’s fans.

Facebook, likewise, offers a more conventional form of marketing through ads. Unlike in the Promoted Posts that lacks targeting options, you could target your ads on a certain audience through Facebook ads. Facebook could target a certain audience based on age, location, or interests. This method, while effective, could cost you more than the previously discussed methods or marketing through Facebook.

There are also a number of companies and firms who offer to increase your presence in Facebook and reach the desired number and type of audience.

In order to use Facebook fully as a marketing tool and venue, you just have to know more of the methods to do so. Whether for free or for a fee, optimising the different ways to market your business through Facebook would allow you make your business more prosperous.

Author Bio:
The author has 10 years of experience as a marketing specialist and has been involved with social media marketing. He believes that creating the right marketing plan, just like a perfect essay outline, is a key to a business success.


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