We all love blogging here ! But blogging now a days has changed and you require quite a good SEO structure for your blog that includes : Proper Keywords , Quality backlinks and Proper submission to search engines .
I have found a new working , free and easy method to get 2500+ quality backlinks for your blog/website .
This will help you to iprove your SEO,blog traffic,number of backlinks, Pagerank and Alexa rank
So now let's startup with the tutorial :)

Steps to get 2500+ free quality backlinks

1. Openup a newtab in your webrowser and visit : http://www.imtalk.org/cmps_index.php?pageid=IMT-Website-Submitter or else CLICK HERE

2. After the website loads you will see a form below , Put in your blog/website and URL and the keywords
Get 2500 Quality Backlinks for Free

3. Click on " Limit the number of created pages " dropdown and choose 2504 as shown in screenshot 

4. And hit the "Submit" button 

5. Now it will start showing that the links are being pinged
Get 2500 Quality Backlinks for Free

6. You will have to wait till the website hits the 2504 mark 
**Please dont close the tab till the website hits 2504 mark**


  1. But I can see only 67 backlinks for your site...

    1. Those are homepage links which are calculated by the interference of the links when they appear on all the pages. These come only from one pages. These may not be very effective, still they help a lot in gaining rank.


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