For all the beginners out there, here is a perfect camera for exactly your needs and the way you want it. This is a great camera that comes with the super-zoom feature. It is a great point-and-shoot camera, so taking that into consideration check out the features and the performance. Before you begin to check out the features remember that it comes in an affordable price tag. Now, it will be easy to see what the features packed are. If you love great looks and bright colors, and an attractive body, then this is the camera for you.

The display:

It is a 16 mega pixel camera with ½.3 inch CCD sensor that comes with 3 inches of display screen. It is has 35 mm wide-angle to 720 telephoto. The resolutions provided are 230 dot. The S4800 is a bridge camera that has the ability to provide six different scene types; scene recognition etc. the startup time is 1.3 seconds and is very responsive. One fact is ensured and that is the image stabilization that will is great with blur free shots. 

Features of S4800:

The camera provides the best of photography and you will love the experience. The main feature is the set of features and ergonomic retro style design. It comes with FUJINON lens that has 17 elements in 12 groups and helps to develop the image quality and also reduce aberrations. Besides, it comes with Super Macro mode for users so that you get closer to 0.78” for those amazing close-up shots.
The long zoom bridge provides a powerful all-in-one compact design camera that offers high resolution image quality. The ease of use and the performance with such features only enhance the results. The 30 x optical zoom captures every single detail that your eyes miss. The farthest subject is also captured with amazing clear quality. The results are softer in the edges and the corners. However, there is some purple fringing along with the chromatic aberrations. The lens focuses on a minimum distance of1 cm in super macro mode. 

Before buying you have to read the Fujifim Finepix S4800 reviews to get a better idea of what users are saying. With that a certain idea is provided so that you check on the best features that will help enhance the image. Noise is low at ISO 100, but not at ISO 400. Also the details are not obtained in darker parts at ISO 800 and not possible at ISO 1600. It can get noisy at ISO 3200 and 6400.

Design and build:

There is no doubt that the digital camera is designed to attract buyers. The ease of use can be checked with the build. The design is made to make even the amateurs feel easy and effective. It has a compact body and is portable too. You can simply slip it in your pocket and get it out when you want to click. The basic buttons and controls are well laid out and find the buttons easily while shooting videos or stills.

The light weight also plays a big part in helping the body to be handled easily. It is a nice advanced camera and is not very harsh on the pocket. The HD video captures in 720p and the quality is great. However, it is not a full 1080p HD. The optical zoom can also be used in recording.

Fujifilm FinePix S4800 price in India:

Moreover, the Fujifilm FinePix S4800 price in India is just Rs. 10,409 so that should be a sufficient reason to check out what the S4800 is all about.


The camera can be great for everyday use, or for travel or for special occasions. The Fujifilm Finepix camera price can be the deciding factor.
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