The world of animation has several employment opportunities. Those who want to specialize in 3D animation;the area of expertise has tremendous scope. Read the following post to know more about the world of 3D animators.


The process of creating the continuous motion through shape change illusion with the help of a rapid exhibition of an arrangement of static images that triflingly different from each other. A comparatively new phenomenon, the rudimentary beginnings of animation can be traced back to the 15th century. However, it was not until 1877 that the first animation projection was developed in France.
Gradually, as industrial become prevalent the concept of animation underwent several changes. Especially after the invention of computers, animation went on to become an established industry generating employment opportunities for millions. Computer animation incorporates a plethora of techniques with the main motive of creating animations digitally on computer. The form of computer animation is comparatively easier. Two major forms of computer animation are 2D animation and 3D animation.

Let’s explore the realm of 3D animation.

Broadly speaking, animation objects that appear in the three-dimensional space are referred to as 3D animation. As a form, 3D animation is normally modeled digitally by a professional animator. The animator begins by making an external 3D mesh in order to manipulate. Mesh refers to a geometric configuration that offers a visual appearance to form either a 3D object or a 3D environment.
In comparison to 2D animation or customary animation 3D animation is about much more depth and it appears more realistic. Briefing up a little, an animated act with a single picture that is referred to as a frame; the next edge refers to a picture that is more advanced. After millions of these frames have been zoomed on a screen in quick succession, they project the illusion of a picture that is moving. Today, most of the animation movies and skits are created through 3D animation, which is a promptly growing industry. Several institutes offer courses in animation. Among them animation at Arena academy is well known.

What do you do as an Animator?

So, an animator engages in creating 3D moving images with the help of computer software. Digital models are used to make these images. Once the model has been created, an animator ends up adding other details like colour, and other necessary details such as grass, skin and many more. All these are added in order to complete the overall animation image.

The kinds of animations that 3D animators end up creating vary a lot. For example, some 3D animators end up creating long feature movies. On the other hand, others may create smaller animations like short skits that can be used either for website animations and advertisements. Some 3D animators specialize in developing animation for video games; while others can help in creating special effects for motion pictures.

Depending upon his or her expertise, an animator specializes in developing various aspects of an animation. For example, in group of animators working together, one may end up creating animated people while the rest of the team work towards completing background images and the entire landscape.

However, 3D animators work with a host of other individuals and professionals in order to come out with the best animation project. They also need to coordinate animated actions with music directors and voice actors. On the other hand, if one animator may end up creating animated individuals, others usually end up helping him complete the background stuff in order to come out with the best of the products.

Where to Study?

With the passage of time, the animation industry has recorded a huge boom. Especially with the advent of Digital Media, the industry has become one of the major sectors of employment generation. This has led to several career options in this segment. India is home to several animation institutes. Out of them, Arena Animation and Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics(MAAC) are worth mentioning.

As far as funding is concerned several institutes offer funding and scholarships to deserving candidates. Aptech Arena offers a scholarship programme named Kala Srishti Scholarships to meritorious students. On the other hand, the Hyderabad-based UD School of Animation offers Diversity in India Animation (DiiA) Scholarship Programme. MAAC with centres in several locations also offer financial aids to many of its students. Most of these institutes hold written tests followed by interviews as the process of admission.

The Future

Following the market trends, it can be said that one of the fastest growing industries, career options are ample in this field. The needs for skilled animators are increasing with each passing day.

However, the job is not completely without its own challenges. If on one hand the global animation industry is full of multifarious activities. Keeping that in mind, animators have huge scope pertaining to the world of employment opportunities. As a profession, animation, more specifically 3D animation is quite challenging and lucrative. On the other hand, long working hours might be a deterrent.

Nonetheless, a career in animation can be highly lucrative if someone is willing to take up the challenges and work towards making a career in the field for himselfor herself.  

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