It is troubling when trying to restore data to your phone. To start with, each operating system has its own way of doing things. Secondly, there are often only a few things you need to save, but you never realize how important stuff is until you lose it. And finally, you want your information to be as safe as possible, and yet in such as digital age it is always unnerving to have your data anywhere but where it belongs (i.e. on your phone).

For the iPhone

As far as online research goes, it seems that apps for saving and restoring data on an iPhone exist (somewhere), but there is a better way of doing things. For example, Apple has set up the iTunes backup system.  You can restore your iTunes backups to your phone whenever you like.

Connect your iPhone to your computer or a computer with your USB cable. Open up your iTunes on your computer and if you have erased part of iTunes or certain things, then it will prompt you to restore from a backup. You can also click on your iPhone under “devices” and select to restore from the backup.

Using the iCloud

This works for any Apple mobile device. Go to the Apple website and find their support article that gives you full instructions depending on your Apple mobile device. You can use the iCloud to back up any information/data that you put onto your Smartphone. The only bad thing they say is that some countries will not store your music or your TV shows.

For your Android Smartphone

With the Android, you are going to have to download an app. With the iPhone you do not need to download an app, but with the Android you usually do. There are very few Android backup or recovery services that operate solely online (without an app). Here are two good ones for backing up data, one for recovering single files, and one app in beta form that looks like a very promising file retrieval app.

Data Recovery from Google Store

This app is able to run diagnostics to see if you have lost information, or if you are likely to lose information, as well as looking to recover information too. You can also set it to check for new information and then save it in another location. In other words, it is able to store information in a backup and keep it up to date so that you can recover your data at a later date. It will respond to a recovery request on a data corrupted phone, and will back up information from your SIM card and your SD card too.

Wondershare Data Recovery

This app will allow you to store and then recover most of your data from your Smartphone. “Most” means that specific settings and such are not saved, but things such as files, movies, music, etc, are saved. It will save things such as your call logs, personal contact numbers and SMS, etc. It is also able to scan your phone for data that has been lost, and if it can then it will recover it.

DDR Data Recovery Software

This app works to recover single pieces of data from Android phones. It is not really a complete restore system, but it is handy if you have deleted a piece of music or a movie and you really want it back. You can select the type of recovery process you would like to implement, such as basic, deep, etc. It is very good if you already have it installed, but will also work to retrieve single files if you have just downloaded it, so long as it has not been too long since you lost the data.

Undelete Beta

This is more about getting back lost data than it is about backing up your data. It will scan the memory device you command it to, such as your SD card, SIM or phone memory. It will look for files that have been deleted or potentially overwritten (also known as previous versions). If it can find any of the files then it will present them to you as deleted files so that you can bring them back again.

Smartphone Recovery Pro for iPhone and Windows

Smartphone Recovery Pro is a fairly sophisticated app, and there is one available for download on your PC, Mac, Windows Smartphone and iPhone. Its most notable function is that it is very fast when it retrieves your data. You can delete a lot of stuff, and this backup function will replace it very quickly. How close it comes to being a recovery system in itself is not clear. For example, if you delete a batch of movies, then the backups will replace them. But, it has also been known to retrieve SMS messages and call histories before it has ever had chance to back them up. This is what makes it a favorite with people who think they have a cheating spouse.

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