If you are an avid Android device user, you may have been suggested several times to root your Android device. But have you ever tried it yourself? Do you even know why people suggest rooting? This is because once you root your Android device, you will be able to perform many operations, which you were not previously able to do. You may have followed several articles and blogs or other write-ups over internet or somewhere else explaining the need of rooting your Android device, the steps and so on. However, if you believe enough to consider rooting your Android, probably no one has ever explained to you why should not you root the Android device and what the drawbacks of rooting Android device are.
Here in this article we will be discussing the top five reasons as to why you should not root your Android device.

No further automatic up-gradation

Whenever you are using an Android device, a carrier sends messages and updates to your phone. But once you root your Android phone or tablet, it starts resisting the carrier to bring in the relevant updates for you. In that case, you need to use the process or device manually in order to get the updates. However, rooting your android may stop you from manual operation as well. Because of this, in future, you will not be updated with the new launches and at the same time, you may face problems with security and updated features as well.

Makes your device a brick

This may sound weird, but it is true that after the rooting process, your Android device may become as good as a brick. Actually rooting itself is a very complicated process during which your device may be irrevocably damaged. Other than that after the rooting as well there is high chance of damaging of your Android device since the phone or the tablet takes huge load and stress throughout the process. This is why it is better if you can avoid rooting and be happy with what you have.

Malware attacks

While rooting, you need to be aware of the fact that rooting increases the chance of Malware attack. Once you root your Android device, external software may be connected to your devices and this is where the risk arises. This is because the moment you are done with the rooting process, all the security settings are changed and it becomes much easy for other devices and software to access to your Android device. So in order to avoid the Malware attack you had better not root your Android device.

Jellybean is much updated

Before Jelly Beas was unveiled, Android did not have the craze as it does now. But after the introduction of Jelly Bean, it has secured the reputation of being among the best operating systems. With the Jelly Bean option in hand, it will be unnecessary to root the Android.

Warranty gets annulled and worthless

Rooting your android device causes the warranty to become void following which you will not be able to get any help or free service if you approach the service centre.

About Author: This is a guest post written by Kuldeep, He is a blogger and writes about Android on his blog AndroidCular. He recommends you to check his latest tutorial related to rooting of Micromax A35 Bolt.


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