Android is a very interesting operating system. It has a productive UI and along with it, it has a number of features which make it very useful. So you might be guessing what this post is about. Do you actually get paid just by using Android apps? Well the answer is a big fat YES.
I have gathered around 5 of such apps which can literally pay you for using them. Isn’t this a nice thing?

1.    Locket

Locket is an integration app. That means that it gets integrated into the phone’s system by adding ads inside the lock screen. So once installed this app can help you earn money by showing ads of places near you. So you get to know more about your places and the hottest deals going on, plus you get paid for it. Unfortunately its available only for US citizens as the ads displayed are specific to that region. But nevertheless, it can be assumed that the App will soon hit other countries as the advertisers start following in.

2.    MintCoins

MintCoins is a yet another money earning android app. Unlike Locket it pays you for doing different things like - Downloading free apps, Downloading paid apps(very high pay for paid apps), Inviting friends(Best Method - 0.25$ per friend), Registering to free websites, Registering to paid(high pay) websites, Completing surveys, Watching video ads, Play free games. Also while getting paid, the minimum payment threshold is just 1$. This app is great to use and helps you earn faster than ever.

3.    Earn Money -Highest Paying App

Earn Money – Highest Paying App is little similar to Mint coins, however the only difference is that in Earn Money - Highest Paying App the payment is based on the coins you have scored. These can be earned by Registering to websites, registering to paid websites, completing surveys, downloading apps, download free apps.  Also the payment is quite good. You can try both Mint coins and Earn Money simultaneously for better effects.

4.    Tapporo (Make Money)

Tapporo was started as a website which helped people earn money by doing small chores. Now they have also started their android app for the same reason. Here too you earn money by doing tasks like downloading an app, watching a video, etc. The one thing which is different and innovative here is that other than receiving payment via PayPal, you can also get it as Google Play Gift Cards, Amazon Gift Cards, PayPal Cash, Facebook Credits, Minecraft account, Hulu account, Game cards, Mobile accessories, Gadgets. Nice and innovative way to earn cash.

5.    Bazuc - Earn Money - Get Paid

Bazuc is probably the best App in this genre. You don’t have to do anything while using this app. You just have to install it and click on the start button. Once done the App starts itself doing all the work. This App sends messages to everyone with an ad in it. However this can be done only if you have an unlimited messaging plan.

These were some of the best and personally tested apps for android which help you earn money. I can assure you that these will pay you good once you start using them.


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