You have two SIM cards? Now it is more practical and useful to have a single phone, as there are many cheap dual SIM and dual SIM smartphone with Android with performances close to those of top models.
The mobile phone has long ceased to be just a fad and now it is a necessity and a way to be up to date with everything happening around us, be it friends or activities, latest information found on mobile internet.
Also, many of us are currently using two mobile phones, either because you want to be connected to two mobile networks, or because you have a personal and a work phone.
If this is your case, you can take into account purchasing a dual SIM phone that allows you to use one phone for both SIM cards. Another strong argument is that lately famous mobile manufacturers have started to launch more and more dual SIM phones in a market flooded until recently only no-name products of questionable quality.
Here are out top favorite choices.

Nokia 101

Nokia 101 is one of the easiest and most well constructed low-cost dual SIM phones, which is why it is also one of the most popular choices for users. The phone is a candybar type with individual keys and a central joystick for ease use. The screen is 1.8"and has a resolution of 128 × 160 pixels, and the few additional features include FM radio, MP3 player and microSD card slot. No camera, so it is ideal for those who just want to talk.

Samsung 1202

Although it has astonished us with top technology smartphones (we cannot wait for the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note III. Find out more on the subject on, Samsung is considering all target audiences. For a slightly smaller amount, you get a dual SIM phone from Samsung, which has even “lighter” features. The design is classic, and the construction is well done, the keys are sturdy and individualized. 65,000 colors on a TFT screen that has a diagonal of 1.52"and a resolution 128 × 160 pixels. Also, the phone can be used as a flashlight. Unlike the Nokia, it does not have FM radio or MP3 player and will have to settle for the 4 MB of internal memory.

Nokia 112

Nokia 112 is a phone aimed at those who, in addition to function calls, occasionally need an internet connection or camera. It has a design similar to that offered by the Nokia 101 and preserves the TFT display with 65,000 colors, diagonal of 1.8"and a resolution of 128 × 160 pixels. Instead, the 112 comes with GPRS and EDGE internet connection, Bluetooth file transfer and 0.3 MP camera. Photos and other digital files can be stored on the microSD card.

Triple SIM LG A290

If you are among those who currently use three SIM cards, LG has prepared for you a Triple SIM A290 model. It has a classic design and a TFT display with 262,000 colors, diagonal of 2.2"and a resolution of 176 × 220 pixels. The GPRS connectivity is not missing and 1.3 MP camera can be useful in certain situations. Internal memory is limited to 19 MP, but can be expanded with microSD cards up to 2 GB.


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