The trend of creating augmented reality apps for mobile devices is one many can get use to. Not only are these apps creating a new use for your mobile device they are also: helping you save money, discovering your world, helping you find free wifi and in general making your life easier.
Downloading these apps is simple and with user friendly designs you can get started today utilizing them. Here are a few favorite augment reality apps that can change your life.

Google Goggles

It’s amazing the information you can get just from an image. This Google app uses image recognition software to provide users with information about whatever their phone sees around them. From QR codes and landmarks to logos and barcodes simply hold your phone up and the app will show you information about it. You can add business cards to your contacts by just holding one up to your camera, certainly a time saver.

Walkitude World Browser

Window shopping or talking a leisurely stroll just got high tec. With an app like the Walkitude World Browser be prepared to be amazed as you walk down the street. Find ATM locations, landmarks, tweets, Foursquare locations and much more right around you with this app. Geo relevant information is based on your location and provides you with an inundation of things to do, people around you and even landmarks.


Not sure how long that piece of fabric is, or the size of a piece of furniture? No problem. This app, when used correctly, can help you measure short distances with just your phone. Measurements are overlaid on your screen with live shots from your camera. It’ll adjust to fit the item you’re viewing and show the length of whatever is in front of your camera screen.

Valpak Mobile App

Saving at the grocery store, hardware store and more has been greatly improved with Valpak’s 3D augmented reality mobile coupons app. Local coupons are available through your mobile device, allowing you to search by store, category or name. Nearby businesses with offers appear using the app and allow you to figure out where to shop through this advanced technology.

Augmented Car Finder

Are you one of those types that loses your car in the parking lot? Well there’s an app for that. Find your car in a parking lot or even in crowded areas with this particular app. It’ll give you directions to where you parked and shows you the streets near where you parked.


For interior designers this particular app comes in handy. Visualize 3D objects such as furniture in a space with the camera on your mobile device. Moving into a new home can cause some issues when trying to figure out what will work best in your space. This app helps you out with that.

Wild Medicine

If you’re ever caught out in the wilderness with only your phone, this app can help you out tremendously. Developed by the New York Botanical Garden, this augmented reality app provides information about plants that have healing properties to them.
These are just a few of the great augmented reality apps available today. What are some of your favorites?


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