Watching TV is a favorite pass time activity for most people and some people just don't like to miss even a single episode of their favorite TV show. Thanks to apps that allow you to watch your favorite TV channel right on your iPhone, anytime and anywhere you go. These apps use the internet connection of your phone's network to play your favorite TV channels. Companies like sky allow you to download all their apps at no additional cost if you are an existing sky TV customer. You can get sky contact phone number on their website and call them to clarify any questions or queries you may have regarding the service.

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When you are traveling on business or pleasure to another city or even different country, you can still watch your favorite TV channel through apps on your iPhone. So the next time you are traveling to somewhere, you need not worry about missing an episode or even the live telecast of your favorite football game. In case your network doesn't support in the country you are traveling to, you can always use the Wi-Fi feature in your iPhone to connect to these apps. Most hotels, restaurants and coffee shops have Wi-Fi connectivity these days.

Apart from paid apps, there are several TV apps that are free to download and use too. You can watch any local or international channel you want on these apps. There are different types of apps that work on different type of network. Some work on 3G, some on 4G and some that work only through Wi-Fi. So you need to check the description of the app before downloading it, to see whether it is compatible to your network or not. Though most of the apps are free, the channels you get to watch may not be all free. Some channels require you to pay a onetime subscription while some are on daily, weekly and monthly subscription basis.

If you want to avoid paying any charges for watching TV on your iPhone, look for apps that allow you to watch your favorite channels for free. However, the quality of video may not be too good when it is free. If you are looking for a HD or other high resolution video quality then you may have to pay a subscription fee, but that is still worth for the kind of quality and feasibility you get on your iPhone.

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Some of the apps that can be downloaded on you iPhone are; 'TV Catchup' that does not require any signup or subscription fee to watch TV channels in UK, 'Netflix' that gives access to unlimited TV programs for as less as £5.99 a month and 'Crackle' which is another free to watch TV app. There are several similar apps that you can find on app market and each offer different set of features and options. So to know what exact each app offers, you need to read through their descriptions and user reviews to see what suits your needs the best. But if you want best quality with customer support, then it is worth to pay for the service.


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