iPhone is a Smartphone with a 3.5 in screen. It is one of the best gadgets to enjoy mobile games. Games designed for iPhone are same as other phone, but what makes it amazing is the feather touch to the phone that keeps you stuck with the game for a long time. App store contains thousands of games. But not all of them are interesting. Some of the popular and most addictive games for iPhone in today's days are:

1.    Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is an insanely popular puzzle game today. It is not like the pretty video game or any game for most clever. But today it is the most addictive game for everyone on their Smartphones. Candy crush Saga is supported on both Android and iPhone. It is a treat smashing mobile app similar to bejewelled and Tetris. According to app data analysis 45 million people in a month play this game regularly. This game is one of the most downloaded apps from Google play store and App store. What makes a game more addicted are the powerful and colorful candies that leads to cascade of explosions with a silly good sounds and cartoons.

2.    Can you escape?

Do you like competing new challenges and puzzles? Then this can be considered as a boredom killer and can keep you busy for hours. Finding a clue and completing level will keep you busy and tease your brain all time. Challenge yourself in this popular fun puzzle game.

3.     Subway surfer

Subway Surfers is a never ending game. The addiction increases when it is connected to Facebook and then compete with own friends making higher score than them. Completing daily challenge and weekly challenges are interesting. Every month it keeps updating with a new country and theme, making it more attractive and addicted for the players. Another reason why we keep stay playing the game is the cool graphics, characters and Sound.

4.    Temple run 2

Similar to the first Temple Run and Subway Surfers, it is 'Endless Running' video game. Passing through the valleys, tunnels and narrow roads make more interesting to the players. Temple 2 is also now featuring new power-up, daily and weekly challenges to make the game more addictive. Players now have the ability to save themselves by collecting the green diamonds and carry forward their game. The music has been remixed than the earlier version. The three monkeys has been eliminated that was seen in previous version and a big one monkey is added in the new game. Such wonderful picturization and sound keep you stuck for a longer time.         

5.    Plants vs. Zombies 2

Plants vs. Zombies 2, is an adventure tower defense video game developed for Windows and iOS users. The game involves the home owner using varieties of plants to save them from zombies eating their brain. Zombies slowly make their way to your home and you have to stop them by making a defence line and your planting and gardening skills. The game allows you to collect coins and purchase power-ups that will take game to a higher level. The game has now been developed for Android and blackberry users too. Try escaping From Zombie as long you stuck to your phone!!

Guest Post by Honey Shah


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