Playing games has become one of the addictions of today’s youth. But this addiction is not good as it can make a person lazy and unfit. But still playing games is not bad at all it refreshes our mind, it relaxes us from all the tensions and work faced by us in the day. One should surely play games but not so much that we get addicted to them. Playing games can make our mind fresh and gives us energy too. Have you got a new windows 7 laptop or pc? Then here there are games which you can take and download and play at anytime and anywhere to relax you.

Counter strike 1.6 is such a version of game which is been playing by the youth from years together. But still today it is one of the best game and most wanted game by the people. It is very relaxing when we play this game. It creates some kind of energy in us when we play it. That is the reason why the kids and the youth too love to play it. Its animation, sound, graphics, levels all are the best in its own way. The aim of this game is to kill your opponent. It does not matter if you are a terrorist or a counter terrorist. The one who survives in this game will of course win the game. If you have not tried it then surely you should as it is one of the best windows 7 games.

Another game grand theft auto 5 that is GTA 5 is not yet released for PC. But even before its release it’s become so famous among the people that they have even started pre-ordering it. They have searched and found out that there are almost 1 million orders for the game before its release and they are sure that this count will increase after the release which is on 17th September 2013.

Battlefield 2 is also one of the best graphics game but still it lacks behind in Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 4 is yet to release but still it is in demand. Whatever it may be but the craze for Battlefield has not decreased but is increasing day by day. One should try and play this game.

Need for speed: Most Wanted 2012 is also one of the famous games of computer or you can say windows 7 or windows 8. One should really try this game and we are sure that you will really like it and will try to reach far levels of the game! Call of the duty Is so addictive and awesome game which once you start playing you will not stop until you finish it! But hold on it is not so easy to finish but surely it is one of the best games to play with! So are you exited and ready to play these games? Then you should surely have Windows XP or Windows 7 or Windows 8 now download these games and have fun with them!

Author Bio : This post has been contributed by Prithvi. He is a blogger at Commenti and Geeks workshop.


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