We all just love to watch movies. And when it comes to this we cherish the Blu-ray movies. Blu-ray movies are practically the best format structure available for videos right now. Also with a great range of Blu-ray players in town one finds is easy to get a disc and watch a movie or video with a wholesome experience.

One of my readers asked me a question and I thought about writing about it. So here’s the question –
“I bought this awesome movie ‘Avatar’ Blu-ray a year ago, it’s one of my favourite movies. I love to watch it again and again. Right now I am moving to a hostel and I want to take the disc with me. But as it happens my brother likes the movie too and wants to keep the DVD to himself. Is there any way to copy this movie into another DVD? That too without degrading the quality?Moreover I tried a few softwares but they said the encryption is unknown. What can be done now?”

I found the question quite challenging at first. But then, with a little research around the internet I found this Blu-ray Copy software which helps us for this very topic. I personally tested it around and around and let us say that I was pretty impressed. Here is what can be done with the program –


Copy almost any Blu-ray – 

The Program promises copying Blu-ray from almost any encryption. Moreover it states having the ability to decompress even the newest encryptions in town namely – MKB and bus encryption. Also it removes the BD-live which can be great at times if you don’t need any additional features pumping in. Thus you can easily copy Blu-ray files without mush hustle.

Burning Blu-ray file or ISO into a disc – 

This is one of those features which we don’t get to see much outside. If you have a Blu-ray file on your Hard disk you can burn it on a DVD for future watching and saving up some space on your HDD. Moreover if you have a Blu-ray file which you want to burn, but don’t have a disc at hand, then you can simply keep it as a backup in your hard disk.

Burn to any Blu-ray/DVD/AVCHD disc – 

The program gives us the option of burning the data onto a Blu-ray disc (of course), a DVD and an AVCHD disc. The blank Blu-ray disc it supports are BD-R 25, BD-RE 25, BD-R 50 and BD-RE 50. Also the option of burning the disc into a DVD was just way too marvellous. I personally tested this option and the result was fantastic. There was no problem in the video whatsoever. This option can be readily used if you want to spend a little low on disks. Even the AVCHD format can be used.
Removing HD Audio –You can simply the HD audio from the Blu-ray file to save space.

Copying Selective sections of Blu-ray – 

One can copy the Blu-ray in three different ways. You can simply copy the entire disc, or copy just the movie, or selective stuff from the video content.

Verdict – 

The software is all in all a wonderful solution for Blu-ray copying and management. I would strongly recommend this one to my readers as well.


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