C Drive is considered the most important drive because it hosts the Operating System itself. Recently one of my friends asked me a query about it and I decided to write an How-To article to help him and as always my fellow readers.

Question -

How to increase the size of C Drive without loosing data?
How to extend C drive without loosing data?

I have gone through the internet and found out this useful software for this very purpose. It is called EaseUs Partition Manager. It will help us increase or extend the size of our C drive.

Note : Before we start the tutorial make sure that you are a computer professional and deal with technological stuff without any problem. The tutorial makes sure that there will be no problem, still if you fault anywhere in between then TechWindow takes no responsibility.

We wont be responsible if  -
1. You loose data
2. Have to format entire PC
3. Your girlfriend leaves you

Tutorial -

1. Download the program from here - EaseUs Partition Manager


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