There are times when you you think you have been told a lie. You have been betrayed, or you have been kept under the stone. These are hard times which make you rethink why you trusted a person. Such things usually occur in business.
In a relationship there are some ups and downs. But what if  you are being neglected now and then and your spouse seems to be busy every time. Things can be serious.
Or a situation where your kids themselves are not talking neatly and seem to be engaging in *extra-curricular activities* while you don't have an eye on them.
I had been experiencing a little of such problems myself. Then I cam across this wonderful App - mSpy. Here is my personal review on it, you can read other mspy customers' review too. And a thing more interesting was that it helped me realize the problem and overcome it.
Moving over to the features, it is almost packed with each and every feature you would need for tracking a person. Here are all the features the App boasts -
  • View call history
  • Read text messages
  • Block access to websites or apps
  • Track GPS location in real time
  • Record surroundings
  • View events, memos and appointments
  • Record Calls
  • Remotely view phone contents
  • Monitor online activities
  • See photos & videos
  • See all installed apps
  • Gmail App Tracking
The App creates a Dashboard of all possible spying and tracing controls. It then makes it online which makes it easier for us to locate anything anywhere just using a browser. This Dashboard is password protected making it secure and keeping it a secret.
Here you will be reported of each and every action that happens on the phone. You are given the option of exporting this data into Excel, CVS or PDF files and save them on your computer.
I personally used this on one of my friends when he started acting weird for few days and then  was always absent when we held any meets. With the help of this App I was able to discover how he went to near punk shop and bought cigarettes. I was thus able to convince him to step out of it.


My personal verdict would be going for this App with your eyes closed when you want to have a perfect spy app.


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