Many times it happens that you fail in tracking how you spend your money. This usually happens when we keep buying thing without keeping a track of our money. This problem increases once you heap up your expenditure. I was personally finding if there's any solution to this. I'm glad I found this App here - iSpend Smart.
The App is still in its Beta version but you can still try out it here - iSpend Smart.

With this App you can -
  • Track all your expenses
  • Record events
  • Sort expenses according to your needs
  • Share shopping lists online
  • Stay out of debt


The app requires registration which is very easy and can be done within seconds. You can also use Facebook log-in to enter quickly. The App is lucid and easy making it easier to operate and work on. Personal profile can be edited quickly and efficiently.

How it helps

The phone practically acts like your assistant. So first you can add your income source. The amount of money you have. Then you can simply make a list of things you will be buying. Like I have done here. The App thus tracks down how you spend your money. Along with that you can enter the date when you are going to buy the particular thing. Then once you keep using the App you can see how much you have spent across the time. Like this you can identify the pattern by which you spend and try to lower it for saving. Right now the App supports two currencies but we can surely anticipate many others once its in its Market version. 

With the shopping lists you can do a few things more than just keeping them there, i.e. planing a list for future, making one list which has been bought before. Or simply maing one and sending it to your friends for their own purpose. 


Being a student and a constant money spender I found this App pretty much useful. I am personally using this for keeping a track on my money spending. You can go for this App with your eyes closed.


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