Now there's a app for everything right from booking movie tickets to earning money every time you unlock your smartphone , Yes you heard it right there's a app that will pay you a Cent everytime you unlock you Android smartphone.

The Application is called Locket which is currently in Beta And Available in U.S only ,

The App has a pretty simple and easy concept that everytime you go to unlock your phone it shows up Ads in your lockscreen by taking your location they show you ads near you , like deals in restaurants near you or mobile shops , even if you don't slide up to the ad you get paid a Cent everytime you unlock your phone.

The money that you have earned is stored in your account and later you can use to pay your mobile bills , Cash it or Donate it to charity , This App is really good concept and delivers that it promises !

Some other Screenshots :

Checkout there YouTube Video Uploaded by the Locket developers :


  1. is this legitimate? do you earn already of this? Please enlighten me.


    1. Yes this completely legal , But it is currently working in United States

  2. Wallpapers used in Screenshots are awesm

  3. awesome content .. my website information in Hindi language is


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