Dailymotion is yet another alternative to the video giant YouTube. Same as YouTube it provides a variety of features. Moreover it also has a great support all over.
The video database is currently very huge which makes Dailymotion a very helpful portal. Many times it happens that we find a particular video or a snippet which is actually unavailable anywhere else. Same thing happened with my friend. Here's what he had to say -  
I just found a video on Dailymotion which shows some wonderful facts about German history. I would love to show it to my students. However there isn't an option to download this video. Also the websites offering video downloads from this site aren't giving it in MP4, a format which is much anticipated. I am not able to understand how exactly this video is to be downloaded in MP4.
A situation like this can put you up to a head ache if you don't know what to do. But with the power of internet you can help yourself and overcome this situation and download dailymotion videos to mp4 as easily as lifting a 5 pound dump - bell.

What must be done -

I searched around the net and have found this software which does exactly what is needed to be done. This software iSkysoft iTube studio works like a charm. It supports not only dailymotion but also YouTube, Vimeo and about 1000 other video sharing sites. The software is pretty much self explanatory and can guide you itself. So basically no need to worry about difficult and complicated stuff. It gives the option of selecting the format in which you want your video to be in. This makes it more helpful because we can then use it on a numerous devices. Also the software itself can play many videos so if you don't have a video player you can rely on this program.


1. What you need to do first is download and install this software from here.
2. Open the video on Dailymotion which you want to download in MP4.
3. Either press the button which says 'Download' or simply copy the URL in your web browser's address bar and click on 'Paste URL' button in the program.
4. Now the program prompts you to select the format in which you want to download. Select MP4.
You can download it in any format and then change it to MP4 by the convert option given later.


The software is worth the try and very easy to use. Gone are the days of complicated stuff to get what you want. Another thing which might interest you in taking this program is having no buffer or adverts while you enjoy your video. Personally a 4/5 rating from me.


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