An Overview of Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

The subject of electronic cigarettes is a very interesting one indeed. Nevertheless, there are so many manufacturers to choose from, and so many models that things can become confusing. Considering that you have already done a little research about them, I will cut to the chase. Besides the two-piece cartridges with a cartomizer and the three-piece e-cigarettes with a cartridge there are also disposable cigarettes, also referred to as one-pieces which you can try out. You might ask yourself why disposable cigarettes have been invented. Disposable cigarettes are a great way for newbie smoker to experiment with this type of smoking without having to give up on much. One-piece electronic cigarettes are extremely cheap, and they provide the user with the best possible replica of what would be considered green smoking.

A Comparison Between Three/Two-pieces and One Pieces

All personal vaporizers are battery powered, and they use electrical current to transform e-liquids into vapors that can be inhaled by the lungs in order to mimic the act of traditional smoking. As opposed to reusable electronic cigarettes, the batteries of disposable ones cannot be recharged, and their cartridges cannot be refilled with e-liquids. This means that you cannot customize your disposable device, the same way you could with a two or three piece. The usefulness of the one piece cigarette can be found in its price. It is the perfect way for people who are new to the world of green smoking to experiment with the product before they decide what they want. Without further ado, let us see which of these devices have been best rated by users.

1. The Blu Disposable Cigarette

Blu has already become one of the most renowned electronic cigarette brands because they promote fantastically tasty atomized liquids, top-notch blu accessories and good products. Sadly, not everyone can be convinced of the quality of the product at first, and in a way it seems only natural for people to become skeptical when it comes to money. Nevertheless, if you wish to give green smoking a try, but you are still unsure whether or not you'd like to invest a lot of money in the starter kit (I recommend that you purchase a starter kit at the beginning), you can always give the idea a „test drive” with the help of a disposable cigarette. Blu cig disposable cigarettes come in different aromas, and they will offer you a great perspective of what it would be like to become a vaper.

2. White Cloud Flings

The manufacturers from White Cloud have carefully crafted their one piece devices because they wished to provide their potential clients with the best image of what their brand has to offer. The world of electronic cigarettes is extremely competitive, and sometimes, the advantage can be gained by creating extremely high quality devices, and this is exactly what developers had in mind fpr the White Cloud Flings. Out of all the disposable e-cigs I have tried (and I've tried many), the White Cloud doesn't not simply perform well, it stands out. Almost all clients who have used this product were enchanted by the taste and power of the vapors produced.

These are only two examples of disposable cigs that will definitely not disappoint. Nevertheless, there are many models that you can chose from. With disposables, it's all fun and games, because they are reasonably priced, and relevant to the brand which they are part of.

Author Bio:
Shane Newton is a general physician who has recently given up smoking. He has found comfort in electronic cigarettes, and he loves to order new flavors from the blu accessories.


  1. One-piece electronic cigarettes are extremely cheap, and they provide the user with the best possible replica of what would be considered green smoking.
    disposable electronic cigarettes


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