The reason I love computers and technology is because the ease which provides at each and ever step. Soft-wares help us is many things like for example making things easier and efficient for us. It would take a me lot of time for writing one sentence 10 times, but my computer helps me in doing that faster and in a better way.
Same way all the Companies have a software which help them in almost every way. Making their work easier and faster moreover better in every way.
Just like this I came across a software for specially people in the fashion industry. This software is perfectly designed for managing each and every things required after developing a quality product. It is probably the best EPR (Enterprise Resource Planning) software made for Fashion industry. It will help in doing the things which will be difficult when done manually without using any kind of software. Also if any other normal data entry software is used, it will surely be disappointing to create many parameters and columns for it.

As you can see above in the images that you can enter many types of data into this software and also create a workspace where you can control several different projects. Here you can see that the software is also indicating the time - line of the projects.
For better management in future it gives the source manager which can be used to determine the resources and managing along with that.

Here in this image you can see how the program also features an function where you can compare many products together. This can be very helpful in fashion fields.
Also being a developer myself I could sense the wellness of the software and the excellently used Microsoft technologies like SQL Server and Visual ERP.NET.

Other than this the software features a friendly, easy, convenient and efficient User Interface. With simple instructions, it can be handled by almost everyone.

Watch this video for a clear view on how exactly the things work on this program. 

These are the Features the Program includes -

Key Benefits

  • Fashion-Focused Solution
  • Fully-Integrated Modular Design
  • Unequalled Usability
  • Blends Power and Simplicity
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Key Features

  • Complete Order-to-Cash Processing
  • Comprehensive Financial Management
  • Purchasing /Scheduling
  • Supply Chain Management
  • In-House, Contract, FOB Production
  • Order Allocation/Bulk Orders
  • Warehouse and Inventory Management
  • Multi-Currency/Multi-Warehouse
  • Credit and Factor Management
  • Integrated EDI

Advanced Technology

  • Configurable to Your Business Needs
  • Scalable and Secure Solution
  • Built on Microsoft® Technology
  • Integration and Interoperability with Other Business Systems
  • Rapid Implementation Methodology

Implementation Methodology

Visual 2000 works hand-in-hand with your to create the perfect implementation and training plan that ensures your success, speed-to-benefits, and return-on-investment.


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